Guided Meditation Experience

Guided Meditation Experience 3

Article written by Rosa Maria Alvarez Canedo member of the Writers Program Silva Method Life

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A guided meditation has a concrete structure.

Born with an intention and achieve what is intended to generate a coherent plan that goal.

I have the desire. Choose the time and duration. I know the topic I want to recreate, establish the script and follow it at the time determined.

Coachable …?

Best suited for a guided meditation is the feeling of flow . Follow the signs, let me be everything and focus only on what I want. While I go into a balanced, more perceptive state of mind, I put all my senses to be and be and live according to the guide, I see, smell, hear, imagine, etc. breathe naturally and pleasantly.

I relax my muscles. And increasingly easily I become aware that I’m living what I had proposed me as so understand that I am getting benefits and information I use in my daily life with myself or in any situation, my confidence and my skills grow, sometimes exponentially.

In addition levels of relaxation can be even deeper and so much my tissues as the functions of my body are renewed faster and easier with more effective and lasting results form. My energy is mobilized properly taking their place.

All this creates my physical and mental health is pleasant and well being rolled back in my environment, my appearance and my mood is pleasant and attractive. Also as a professional I perceive the beneficial effects since I work more effectively and optimally organized with dedication and better way.

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Perhaps most interesting is a guided meditation that strengthens our social confidence as to effectively follow the signs’m assuming that I accept lovingly received enjoying it. And of course increase confidence in me as well as creativity and ability to sort myself when I record my own and guided meditations.

Feeling well … great