What it is to meditate and how to meditate. The life-changing meditation

What is meditation and how to meditate.  Meditation life changing

Before the big question of what is meditation and how to meditate, this book by Jeanne Siaud-Facchin will be essential.


Undoubtedly, meditation can change your life and know what meditation is a good way to do it.


“How Meditation changed my life … and can change yours” Jeanne Siaud-Facchin

In this book I present you, the question what is meditation and how to meditate, is sufficiently clarified so that, as the author points out, your life will change once you start digging into you and the path of meditation.

Jeanne Siaud-Facchin , isclinical psychologist and founder of the Cogito’Z centers and has been practicing mindfulness meditation for many years, so who knows what is meditation and what happens when we many time meditating.

All that “work” conscious meditator who also takes her work as a psychologist and in the direction of therapeutic groups in Paris and Marseille, have led him to write this great book that is a wise tour of the personal discovery of meditation, by know and recognize what is meditation and how to meditate and discovery also his work as a recognized expert in working with gifted children.

As the author notes, meditation is an active, dynamic practice and mentally to focus on the experiences that we live at all times exercise.

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To find out what meditation is and what is meditation, the author takes us by the hand of an intimate life and professional journey in showing us his way to the practice of meditation affable and very enlightening.

And for me, the title of the third chapter is very enlightening. Entitled “The journey that changes everything” and that who has already started on the path of meditation knows that to reach the conclusion know what is meditation, it takes something like a spiritual journey that you pushed or pushed by a chance of life, a simple invitation or a path of personal adventure.

For the author, this beginning to learn what is to meditate, born of a book read in his youth and a trip to the Philippines -years later- to psychotherapy practices.

My start in the know about what is to meditate and start the adventure was after reading the book “Zen in the Art of Archery” Eugen Herrigel and years after the encounter with the Zen Master Dokhusho Villalba in the Zen Temple Serena light.

Since then, on that path of discovery of what is to meditate, as the author of the book, your life changes completely.

It is the habit of living in the present moment making that nothing is as before. You know what meditation is and how to meditate for your benefit and all living beings.

Jeanne through the book is, really like the title says, learn how meditation changed his life and how, without a doubt, meditation can change yours.

Anyway, and how warns Herrigel in the “Zen in the Art of Archery” “is almost impossible to put into words the things that words can not express” , but in this case, Siaud-Facchin get it .

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