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Sleep easily: yoga tips for insomnia

yoga for sleep

Stress, nervous tension, obsessions, problems at work and other factors often do not give us a good sleep at night.
Not enough sleep, we go to work in a depressed mood, accumulate negative energy throughout the day, as a result, can not sleep again. Thus, a vicious cycle from which escape is difficult. At the same time, our performance, mood, stress, the body’s overall health is directly dependent on the quality of sleep. Full sound sleep is the key activity, vitality and wellness. Therefore, to deal with insomnia one should first focus on treating its symptoms.

If you practice yoga on a regular basis, you ensure a healthy sleep because
yoga helps relieve nervous tension, get rid of stress, eliminate the obsessions. Doing yoga, you turn and look inward, learn to control the thoughts and emotions, while not causing harm to the nervous system, ie, not “stuffing” negative emotions inward, as it were, “exhaling” negative energy while performing asanas.

The complex yoga exercises are found inĀ yoga asanas , which directly affect good sleep, thus relieving insomnia. Let us examine some of the asanas , which are recommended to be performed daily at bedtime for better sleep.

Uttanasana slow heartbeat, calms the mind, relieves depression, giving head calm.

Performance Technique

Sleep easily: yoga tips for insomnia 5


  1. Stand in Tadasanu , pick up your knees.
  2. Exhale, bend forward and place your fingers on the floor. Knees do not bend. Keep your head high and spine pull. The legs should be perpendicular to the floor.
  3. If the hands do not reach the floor, place them on a support or grab your elbows.
  4. Make two full breaths.
  5. Breathe out and the maximum zoom torso to the legs. Put your head on my knees, if possible.
  6. Breathe evenly and deeply.
  7. Inhale and lift your head. Palm from the floor until you tear off.
  8. Make two full breath, take a deep breath, raise your arms and return to Tadasanu .
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Lead time: 2-5 minutes.


Paschimottanasana beneficial effect on the heart, calms the mind, removing the anxiety and depression.

Performance Technique

Sleep easily: yoga tips for insomnia 6

  1. Sit on the buttocks and straighten your legs. feet socks to send yourself backs of the knees flat on the floor.
  2. Grab hold of the legs, or knees – where to take out his hands at his back straightened.
  3. Helping himself with his hands, pull the back forward and up (but not down!), Lengthening the spine.
  4. Then relax your back and lower it as low as possible to the feet, continuing to pull the crown forward. Breathe freely.
  5. Gently pull back the back, lift your head and caving in the chest and back, lift up vertebra by vertebra, until back does not take the vertical position.

Lead time: 2-5 minutes.

Savasana relieves stress and is useful for the whole body and in the mind. Learn to relax and stay in peace, you reliable protection against any unpleasant situations and effects.

Performance Technique

  1. Lie on your back, hands put at a distance of 20-30 cm from your body, palms up. Heel hold together, toes apart.
  2. Close your eyes. You can additionally put on the eye piece of dark cloth.
  3. First, breathe deeply. Later, breathing should be slow and easy.
  4. Focus on your breathing.
  5. Take care that the lower jaw was relaxed, and the language did not move.
  6. Completely relax and breathe calmly.
  7. If you are overwhelmed by the thought, pause after each slow exhalation.
  8. At first, you can go to sleep in this position. Gradually, you will learn to fully relax, while remaining conscious.
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Lead time: 10-20 minutes.

Tips for a good sleep

  • encouraged to review the program of daily evening yoga practice ,
  • preferably at bedtime hot bath with soothing infusions,
  • eat at least 3 hours before bedtime,
  • preferably in the evening diet to include vegetables and some lean protein foods (cooked chicken breast, beans, nuts), excluding sweet and flour,
  • in the evening do a brisk walk outside in the fresh air,
  • before bedtime drink a glass of tea, infused from soothing herbs.

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