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Does exercising make face glow?

Does exercising make face glow? 23

Do gymnastics for the face: this is facial yoga

It will hurt your face to be so handsome. But for stiffness. Now what it takes is to do anti-wrinkle gymnastics.

The best way to learn something is to see how others do it. So, the lot of DVD’s are there to guide How to do Face yoga correctly. From this DVD you learn Face yoga. To buy a DVD click this link.

Does exercising make face glow? 24


It’s the first time someone kindly asks you to get angry, so you frown with a vengeance. “Not so much,” the instructor laughs, “with a little less bad temper.” It seems that you are playing movies (some surrealist). You have your index fingers resting on your forehead, your thumbs on your crow’s feet. «Notes how your muscles pulls you, right?». Muscle notes that you did not know existed. The teacher informs you that you are moving the procero. The pro-what? “It’s the muscle between the eyebrows,” he clarifies as the process twists. “What you have to do with your fingers,” says the indexes, “is to pull up a bit.” Phew. «Softer … Aaaaasí. You hold 8 seconds and relax ». You hold your eyebrows with the same determination as if you were doing weights. «And so, eight times». You start to understand those whotheir face hurts to be so handsome .


If you need 43 muscles to put a face on someone and only six to smile – that’s what the Internet says – you find out that you need to move almost 50 to have a good face. This is facial yoga . An anti-wrinkle gym. “The Botox substitute,” they call it. «Rejuvenates 10 years», they promise. The opposite of Meg Ryan , go. If you type it in Google, you’ll think they’re talking about the Messiah. «It will change your life and we are not exaggerating», has titled some post.

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The videos of women grimacing begin to multiply almost as much as buses with messages. «Now you notice more movement. People are getting to know him more, “says Isabel.

She has been a facial gymnastics instructor since 2006. She has taught face-to-face classes at the Ismet (Traditional Medicine Institute) for10 yearsand also online, on Skype. And it has a YouTube channel , like most of these natural ‘facelift’ gurus. “But it is better that the exercises are supervised by a specialist,” she insists.


What does facial yoga do? «It relaxes the tensions that are installed in the forehead, eyes, jaw and neck -responds the instructor- and has the” antiaging “part of working the musculature. Combats flaccidityand prevents the appearance of wrinkles . And you gain expressiveness and luminosity ». It’s like doing weights. “Not only do you move the muscles, you make them work,” he adds. The fingers are the weights ». And it is a way to moisten the eyes. “Between wasaps and computers, we lack blinking .”

“Eight exercises a day will keep you away from surgery,” Isabel says. (Now we show you 10) It’s 10 minutes. “It’s a moment,” he insists. That is the key: perseverance. And patience: the results begin to notice a month. Of course, at all times you can say that you do gymnastics for your pretty face.


[You have to stand with each one for 8 seconds and repeat it 8 times]

Does exercising make face glow? 25

1. EXERCISE You place
the indexes between the eyebrows and you support the thumbs in the area of ​​the crow’s feet. You close your eyes and you frown as if you got angry (no bad) while the indexes push up. Hold 8 seconds and relax. That’s how you work, brows and brows.

Does exercising make face glow? 26

Another way to work the frown area. You form a vee with your fingers from the root of your eyebrows. You open it a bit while you frown a little. It gives strength to the muscles and relaxes tensions.

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Does exercising make face glow? 27

You make two uves: one finger in the lacrimal and the other, in the corner of the eye. You close your eyes making some strength. Hold 8 seconds and open. He works the crow’s feet and swells bags and dark circles. It also relaxes the tension of the eyes.

Does exercising make face glow? 28

With the palms stretched, hook the end of the eyebrow with the indexes (you use your thumbs to support yourself) and close your eyes. Hold 8 seconds and open. Exercises as a natural mask

Does exercising make face glow? 29

the palm at the corner of the mouth and smile at the Joker. 8 seconds and relax. It serves so that the cheekbones do not loosen.

Does exercising make face glow? 30

Open your mouth as if you were to say “i”. Close in “u” making resistance with the indexes, which pull outwards. It causes the lips to regain volume and relax tensions.

Does exercising make face glow? 31

You support the indexes on the upper lip to the ‘fake’ mustache, as when you were trying to hold a pencil when you were little. Prevents the bar code of the mustache, by strengthening the muscles, and redensifies the lips.

Does exercising make face glow? 32

8. PAPADA You put
your right hand as if you were going to drown and you open your mouth as if you were saying «or» or «a». It is an exercise with which one works neck, contour and double chin.

Does exercising make face glow? 33

9. NECK You place
your hands on your chest and raise your neck. You will notice that he pulls from the chest. It is the opposite position to which we put every 30 seconds when looking at the mobile. The entire neck, jowls and contour are worked.

Does exercising make face glow? 34

10. EYES

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You make glasses with your fingers resting on your eyelids.

The elbows, backwards. Close your eyes and open your glasses a little with your indexes and thumbs. Raise your eyebrows and work your upper eyelid, bags and dark circles.

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