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Healing properties of the colors of the rainbow in Ayurveda

Healing properties of the colors of the rainbow in Ayurveda 3

In Ayurvedic treatment using seven colors, that according to Ayurveda have healing properties.
It is believed that these natural seven colors associated with body tissues and

. Vibration action of these seven colors can help to restore the balance of the three properties of the body. We try to understand the healing properties of each color.

RED This color is associated with the blood. It has medicinal properties, contributing to red blood cells and stimulates the formation of red blood cells. Red also creates body heat and stimulates blood circulation. It helps maintain skin tone, gives energy to nerve tissue and bone marrow, and facilitates the aggravation of vata and kapha . However, an excessive action of this color can cause an excess of Pitta accumulation in certain parts of the body can eventually start an inflammatory process.

ORANGE This color warms, brings healing energy. It helps to renounce the world and immerse yourself in spirituality. He also gives energy and strength of the genitals. Orange should be used in connection with celibacy, for the transformation of sexual energy in the Supreme Consciousness. Anyone who does not comply with celibacy, may enhance sexuality, using this color. Orange helps to relieve the aggravation of kapha and vata. He also treats blockage and maintains healthy skin. Oversupply of orange can aggravate Pitta.

YELLOW When a person sees a yellow color, the energy goes to the basic chakra. This color promotes understanding and intelligence. Spiritually yellow color is associated with a complete dying EGO. Excessive use of this color is the excessive accumulation of bile in the small intestine and can aggravate Pitta. This color makes it easier to excess vata and kapha.

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GREEN This color has a calming effect on the mind and creates freshness. It helps to bring energy to the heart chakra. Soothes emotions, it gives satisfaction heart. Calms excess vata and kapha, pitta and sharpens. Excessive use of this color stimulates the concentration of bile and may be the cause of gallstones.

BLUE is the color of pure consciousness. It has a soothing, cooling effect on the body and mind. It helps with discoloration of the skin. Struggling with liver diseases, it facilitates the aggravation of Pitta. An excess of blue can cause aggravation of vata and kapha, may create a blockage.

BLUE has properties of yellow and green colors. It helps relieve vata and kapha but can aggravate Pitta. It has a calming effect on the mind.

PURPLE is the color of the Cosmic Consciousness. It creates an ease in the body and opens the doors to perception. It facilitates the aggravation of Pitta and Kapha in, but excess of it can aggravate vata.

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