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How many mudras are there in Yogasana?

How many mudras are there in Yogasana? 3

Yoga for the fingers (mudra)

What is Mudra? 

The mudra comes from Indian culture. It involves symbolic postures of the hands. To a number of postures of the hands healing powers are granted. These are often used in yoga and meditation. But that does not necessarily have to be. Anyone can, if he or she takes the time, apply them in daily life.

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How many mudras are there in Yogasana? 4


You can do a mudra anywhere: 

  • If you are waiting for the bus or at the ticket office.
  • During a meeting
  • In the car when you are sitting on the co-driver seat!
  • While watching TV
  • When you are awake in bed


According to many yogi, the hands are stronger than the poses we take with yoga. The yoga teaching tells us that prana (to translate to energy) flows from the fingertips. The secret of technology lies in the nerve endings in our fingers that allow the energy in our body to circulate and improve our daily lives. The different fingers all have their own meaning, namely:

  • thumb – stands for willpower (element: fire)
  • index finger – stands for ego and expansion (element: air)
  • middle finger – stands for conditioned energy and focused on stabilizing power (element: heaven)
  • ring finger – represents the individual (element: earth)
  • pink – stands for intellect and business (element: water)

Below a number of mudras; try every attitude and you will undoubtedly feel a difference!

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Yoga for the fingers (mudra)

1. Mudra of knowledge
Sit in a lotus position and put your hands on your knees. Touch the tip of your index finger with your thumb and keep the other three fingers free. This way you can concentrate better, relax better, sleep better and become less sensitive to depression.

Yoga for the fingers (mudra)

2. Mudra of air
Fold your index fingers to your palm and press them with the beginning of your thumb. Keep the rest of your fingers straight. This eliminates with excess gases and illuminates everything that has to do with air: flatulence, constipation, osteoarthritis, etc.

Yoga for the fingers (mudra)

3. Mudra of earth
Touch the tip of your ring finger with the tip of your thumb and keep the rest of your fingers stretched. In this way you balance the element of earth and improve your blood circulation and your bowel movements.

Yoga for the fingers (mudra)

4. Mudra of fire
Close your ring finger towards the palm of your hand, press against your second finger with the beginning of your thumb and keep the rest of your fingers stretched. This way you lower your cholesterol levels, reduce fat and improve your metabolism.

Yoga for the fingers (mudra)

5. Mudra of water
Touch the tip of your thumb with the tip of your little finger and hold the rest of your fingers straight as in the picture above. This reduces your body aches, improves your blood circulation and ensures that your mouth is not too dry.

Yoga for the fingers (mudra)

6. Mudra of emptiness
Touch the first finger of your middle finger with the beginning of your thumb. This makes you less dizzy and also helps if you suffer from your ear, nose or tongue. The pain is relieved by it.

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Yoga for the fingers (mudra)

7. Mudra of life
Bend your little finger and ring finger and make sure that they both touch your thumb.

In this way you give your body more energy, you improve your immune system and you can tackle eye problems to a certain degree.

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