Intuition: a shortcut to your goals

Intuicion Silva Method

She is what drives us to risk and overcome obstacles; which it helps us discover the opportunities that present themselves throughout life; which it is behind many achievements and successes.

It is the radar that helps us anticipate the outcome of a decision; the sixth sense in our bodies; that kind of spark in consciousness that brings the solution no one knows how or why.

She is intuition, is able to lead us to our goals and we all have the ability to develop it . So today you present it more closely.

The incredible power of intuition

What Einstein said: “The only real valuable thing is intuition.”

How many times have you needed to make a decision and, without more, did you have a clear answer?

How many times your brain gave you an idea without you knew very well where it came from?

All that you owe to it: your intuition, and the more you develop the easier you will know if you’re on the right track and if you must move forward, rewind, or change direction.

Many times the pace of modern life, always busy and always do something pending, prevents us from heeding those signals give us seeking answers.

Often we walk so fast that we do not look at the compass within us telling us which way to go.

Compass that we call intuition is a shortcut brain to make decisions quickly , and trust it allows us to access the unlimited power that we all have as human beings.

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Thanks to it we can find the solution to problems through reason and logic would not be possible or, in other words, we can know without use reason.

Intuition also is related to the right side of the brain, the same hemisphere that deals with creativity, imagination, feelings, feelings or special skills.

That ‘s all that we listen to our intuition; she knows, from experience, what reason does not know .

Learn to develop your sixth sense

How to developed is your sixth sense? No matter the age, gender or cultural level: absolutely all have the power to make our infallible intuition to make good decisions compass, solve problems and be more successful in every aspect of our lives .

Think intuition like a muscle: if you do not exercise it becomes weak and ineffective, but with practice and dedication is strengthened.

From the System Silva Intuition Program we offer tested and proven to develop specialized intuition if you want to move faster methods techniques; but if you have not taken the course and you want to develop your intuition, then we share some very useful tips through which you can develop your sixth sense and become the person walking steadily toward your goals.

Pay attention to these signs, because remember: there are no coincidences, but causalities .

– Relax your mind. It is proven that meditation greatly improves intuition, so included in your plans everyday time for meditation.

It take some time to relax the mind will bring you a state of calm and inner silence, and also prepare your consciousness for information.

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Often these flashes or signals remain at a level so low that our conscious mind is not able to detect; hence the importance of meditation and achieve the alpha state, which allows our conscious mind and the unconscious are connected.

– Be aware of your feelings. Pay attention to your interior, to the signals of your body, the senses and reactions. Be aware of how you feel every moment.

Think that whenever you feel any sensation in any part of the body is trying to tell you something that is: try to know what it is, reflects and listens to capture the messages they are trying to convey these signals.

– Write down your thoughts. Often they come to us ideas, emotions or other details later forget.

Sometimes it is good ideas; others, we ended signal missing.

That none of that happens, write down everything you think is relevant as you move through your mind.

– Rely on intuition. Trusting intuition is a key point for their development.

It is likely that often hesitate impressions you receive and you try to reason logically, but know that intuition and logic are incompatible.

If at first you find it difficult, start slowly: let your intuition guide you in moments that are not crucial, and increasingly have more confidence and you can use it in most important situations.

He thinks that the more you practice, the better is detected and the results are more accurate.

– Play. A intuition must train her , and for that you can play games such as intuitive guess who you call, try to guess how others feel through their expressions and gestures, or try to predict what they will say.

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– Pay attention to your dreams. Try to remember and interpret dreams because while we sleep intuition is more active and can give us information about our situation.

Not all dreams must have a meaning, so try to distinguish what dreams do deserve reflection.

– Believe in yourself. Speaking of intuition, it is to talk about self – confidence and self – confidence. So in the times when you must decide, allow yourself to trust that you will do things right.

Leaves doubts aside and let yourself be guided by yourself.

– Pay attention to art. Many works of art can be interpreted only through intuition.

Therefore, to observe them, feel them and also try to remind yourself that intuition played an important role as the author created them.

No matter if you are musical, theatrical, film or plastic: vĂ­velas, feel them and try to understand its meaning.

You see, there are many different ways to train intuition, and everyone can learn to develop it.

Einstein said ” The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift . “

Do not let the huge potential hidden intuition let you halfway to the life you want.

How does your intuition work? Do you think you have that ability more developed than others? Would you like to know more about this topic?

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