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Improve Your Self-esteem by Removing Trash | – Part 2147483647


Improve Your Self-Esteem by Removing Trash

Improve Your Self-esteem by Removing Trash | - Part 2147483647 3

If we do not express our feelings and we carry within us for a long time, our life can be complicated. The result of not express our emotions will consume us can come depression if we continue like this. This is as a way to mourn, but without tears.

Be depressed about losing someone close, a setback or a dream is not fulfilled it is normal and natural. But chronic depressions, ie, that occur frequently is a signthat we’re hiding from any situation. Psychologists often say: “Depression is the inverted anger.” That is, instead of expressing it and download everything inside you somehow shut the guards and locked all that frustration and discomfort you wear. They say that this behavior is literally poison for our blood, and we can put patients, such as: heart attacks and ulcers.

See if inside you feel deep anger or frustration. This is a normal feeling, it’s our way of saying, “Something is wrong!”. But if we prolong this state in time hurts us, we have to release it quickly, express it, download it, kick, scream … somehow get that anger quickly. A normal person should always feel happy and content, and how to feel so expressing your feelings, rage downloading.

Download your fears and watch them head on, be brave. This is the way of life bright and cheerful. So you never have depression. If you feel depressed because I say it’s what you feel, be specific. Name it, take out the trash and do not let yours in another day. Pay with your partner or kick the dog is not positive, but it is for example hitting a bag, knead bread, hitting balls, or play an aggressive game of squash.


A hug,

Elias Berntsson

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