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Depression Test + 5 Ways to Get Out of It


Depression Test +5 Ways to Get Out of It

Here I present a short text, if you identify with at least 2 things the means you have depression. If you test positive, then I’ll introduce text 5 Ways to get away from your depressive world so you see the shore in front of you and start your path to flourish:

“You know that something is wrong with you, you’re so uncomfortable that even you can not enjoy a night alone with yourself. You worry that something terrible pass and could not handle it, so you spend a lot of time in front of television wasting your time, losing it or eating in exaggeration or toxic relationships. Afraid to be alone with your own thoughts and your ability to give encouragement and comfort is zero “.

If you have identified at least 2 sentences do not panic, your thinking makes you see the black stuff and not let you be happy. But the good news is that if you can get out of depression and be happy, everything happens when they decided to get out of your situation.

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The first thing is to recognize that you need help, you’re tired of feeling utterly alone. Today is your first day, the day that gradually get out of chronic depression.

Then I’ll give you 5 key that helped Sandra Bienkowski overcome her depression, she went to a psychologist who asked many questions and their efforts can collect this information that you will present. Sandra had all the symptoms of the text you read at the beginning, is now free and gives us these 5 key that made free:

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1. Set boundaries in your relationships, even if it will make someone angry.

I do not misunderstand, I’m not encouraging discuss tensions with someone and have meaningful to you. I am encouraging genuinely express your feelings. Stop please people to maintain peace. Say goodbye to the people to stop them from taking advantage of you.

Establishes limits, say no when you mean no. Give up for yourself, think about your relationship as a game of ping-pong: just play on your side. You can not control how other people react. I was genuine in your feelings. Depressed people buried anger, healthy people express it in a healthy way.

2. Do something you fear.

If you’re afraid of being alone / a, of not having a boyfriend / girlfriend try to live alone / a. Many people to start living alone begin to invade a feeling of freedom and self-worth. Fear became freedom and valuation.

When you face what you fear, you can overcome it . Your value is not determined by your marital status. And you What you fear you have to face?

3. Make sure you have a place to listen to your own thoughts.

When you’re depressed, you have the tendency to fill that void with food, alcohol, sex, drugs, sleep, work … All the extra time you spend trying to fill the void and enter automatic mode to avoid listen to your own thoughts.

Stop telling yourself that it overcomes you and you do not know what to do. Get yourself to be silent to listen to your inner voice. I’m sure you know what you have to do to change your life. Make the decision to take the next step.

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4. Make decisions and stick to them.

Inaction leads to depression. Figuratively it is like a plant, if the plant does not grow, dies. Make a plan and take it out. When Sandra Bienkowski graduated from college as a journalist, he found a job as an executive assistant during the day and another as a waitress in a nightclub. Why not work as a journalist? you will ask yourself. She did not have enough to go for what I really wanted confidence.

Their lack of action so I wanted is just one example why I feed her own depression. His psychologist told him: “You can not be safe and be so happy. Assumes the risk and go for what you want “. So take decisions closer to what you really want.

5. Give yourself the power back to yourself.

Give value to your opinions. Do not give your power to someone else. No one should be able to control your mood, your courage or your feelings.

Stop looking at people you pass and increase your value, value your thoughts and ways of seeing things. VALIDATE yourself and be free as an eagle which flies higher than any other bird, validate yourself with optimistic thoughts always words of encouragement and being kind to yourself, you’re worth / to it.

You do not have to be someone else. An orange tree is an orange, you know how ridiculous it would be if an orange would be an apple? It is equally ridiculous that you compare yourself with someone else and want to be what you are not, you are a divine creation thus created for a purpose.

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We can not choose our childhood, but we can choose how to live as adults. Decide your life is worth and decide and take action to end depression worth. The incredible life that awaits you here at your fingertips!

A hug,

Elias Berntsson

(Source: Sandra Bienkowski – www.mindbodygreen.com)

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