Learn to eat healthy With mindfulness. Healthy nutrition I

Learn to eat healthy with the practice of mindfulness.  Food I

Learning to eat healthy, it is one of the basic challenges anyone or that self-respecting and wants to lead a healthy life. In front of hundreds of “magic diets”, the practice of mindful eating opens a new era of good eating.


Learning to eat healthy is to become aware of what you eat.


Yes, I speak from experience. As I almost everyone, through periods in which the weight was more like a roller coaster than a crystal clear river in the normal course of flow without alterations.

Winter taking weight, bathing suit for summer operation, september restarting, Christmas getting fat and back again. Most of the time, without realizing it by living on “autopilot” mode caloric intake come and is determined by the emotional state that you go through.

Learning to eat healthy hand the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness, it is to learn to become aware of what you eat .

Something that, at first glance, it seems simple, but it takes learning, practice and exercise to sustain the practice and make it become a standard habit.

Learning to eat healthy is to take care of your body and your mind.

If you have a motorcycle or a car that you care, you can not think never throw bleach or fuel of dubious origin. Usually carry the body and try to clean the interior smells good and is bright and no dust on the dashboard. Why not do the same with us ?.

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Most of the time, lost in a lifestyle too fast and consequently always carry the “autopilot” of our lives on, we realize that our body, which is none other than our body, we dirty and poorly maintained inside . Our emotions and thoughts are negative and filled with embedded dust and that our way of life tends to be sedentary.

If we take care of our most precious material objects why we do not craze with our body ?.

conscious eating for a conscious life.

To learn how to eat really, one of the things that I highly recommend, is to learn to live in the here and now.

Recognize that our life where it really runs, is in the present moment . That life is running now. This is the basis of the practice of mindfulness, needs a “ejercitamiento” continued to go becoming part of your daily life. It’s what we do, for example, during PROGRAM 40 online practice of mindfulness or mindfulness.

When we managed to work in the consciousness of the present moment, we are more willing to learn to eat healthy, because we are aware that a healthy and balanced, like a conscious breathing, eating are the real food of our lives.

Faced with all the most effective existing diets, no doubt, it is that it teaches you to learn to eat healthy and this is possible with mindfulness.

Put all our attention on the process of eating, it is one of those great discoveries you can do in life.

And pay attention to what you buy also means becoming aware that your shopping cart can be a weapon of mass destruction or a weapon of solidarity, commitment and welfare. You decide, because all your involvement to learn to eat healthy, it is necessary. Is to create a healthy habit, not only when shopping, but when you cook and, of course, when you eat

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learn to eat healthy with mindfulness

Manage your shopping cart to learn how to eat healthy


Practice to learn to eat healthy:


I invite you now to take out a small practice mindful eating , which is nothing to discover a whole range of sensations in space eating with full attention.

1.    Choose a food that you have on hand (a grape, raisin UAN, a slice of orange or tangerine, a small piece of bread …)

2.    Imagine you’re an alien who just came to earth and is discovering things he has never seen (you go, have the old you, give yourself a break for the game)

3.     Put the food you have chosen in the palm of your hand and watch it carefully.

4.     Realize your appearance, your color, your smell and your touch.

5.     I Introdúcetelo in the mouth but not bite. Use your tongue to discovering new sensations

6 . Muérdelo now and experience carefully any feeling surga you. Try not to judge that feeling; only he warns it’s there. I know simply witness it.

7.     Traga that food and if being how it goes down.

This you just did, it is one of the practices carried out in a first conscious eating practice to learn how to eat healthy.

It is aware in the present moment of our food. Thus, when we put the food front, we know well what is the limit, what we eat, how we eat and where they come from these foods we eat.

This is the first of a series of 4 post on conscious eating , I hope, will serve to start a new relationship with your food. Because learning to eat healthy is essential for healthy living. We must seize the benefit of our health, all the information we have at our disposal

A feeding process conscious through the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness to learn to eat healthy.

Clearly, your mind and your body will thank you.

And in each post, I will invite you make a recipe to make and eat consciously.

Here’s the first:

SALAD 5 Elements.

(Edward Espe Brown Recipe. Zen monk, author of “The Zen kitchen.” You can also find a curious book called “Instructions to cook a Zen monastery”)

Brown says his recipe: “the learned in the Greens Restaurant. The five elements are lettuce, fruit, a dried fruit, cheese and some strong taste like olives, capers, radish, sun dried tomatoes and red onion. The sauce has to be tasty and consistent, but as clear as possible so that colors distinguish salad “

I invite you to do that by putting all your attention on each of the ingredients that make up beforehand and enjoy every one of them, then observe how they integrate into the end of the salad.

Enjoy it.

For 4 to 6 persons:

1 lettuce average size

1/3 cup almonds

1 Fuji apple, Gala or Golden

An orange juice

Vinaigrette garlic and spices

½ cup canned or medium red onion red onion

½ cup grated Parmesan cheese

1 tablespoon chopped fresh tarragon or 2 tablespoons flat leaf parsley also chopped.


chopped, wilted or rotten the outside lettuce leaves are removed. Leaves are cut in half lengthwise and then crosswise into sections of 2 cm. They washed and drained.

almonds are roasted and cut and chop

apple quarter is prepared and cut into slices and mix with orange juice

Prepare vinaigrette

To present the salad, apple slices (included orange juice) with lettuce and vinaigrette mix.

red onion over salad sets, then almonds, grated cheese and above all the chopped herbs.

Before eating, keep a little quiet in front of your dish and watch your creation. Eat slowly and works as practice I taught the prinicpio.

You see how learning to eat healthy is not that complicated and can enjoy.

And as for healthy lifestyle, you also leave here the link of a good blog that you will learn to “live in the pyramid”


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