Relaxation techniques: learn to meditate while walking

Learn to meditate while walking

In the Silva Method meditation we practice a lot, both in our course and the free lessons.

If you do not know how to begin to meditate you can learn by downloading our free lessons here, that you will receive by the famous Alfa audio centralization ideal start to meditate.

There are many forms and ways to meditate … And today we want to tell you about a very special.

Have you ever imagined relax while you stroll through the countryside, the seaside or the outskirts of your city?

Our thoughts are constantly moving. Always. Without a rest. And if we do nothing to take a break feeling overwhelmed finish, stressed, exhausted and fatigued. You probably already know of what we speak.

We know that meditation puts remedy all that, but does much more.

Did you know that Alfa meditate level is the key to most things we want?

You need to train your mind to achieve everything you want. But there are times, too, where we want to take a few minutes outdoors for those thoughts that flood our minds every second of our day.

Have you thought to do that … while you walk?

No matter if it’s way to the office, the supermarket to school children, the train home, or just while walking to the sea or the trees.

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Take a break and let our minds rest while we walk, it is a highly recommended practice that brings peace and prosperity.

Do you dare to try it?



10 keys to walking meditation

Meditate while walking is an excellent way to combat the constant thoughts that go through our minds.

Is it hard to set aside thoughts? Do you walk every day and you had not noticed it? Already in Alfa level meditate but you want to incorporate a new healthy habit into your life?

We suggest you exercise so that every time you walk, Logres feel better and better.

How to do it? New Zealander Eric Harrison, known for devoting much of his life to research on meditation, proposes 10 keys to walk firmly towards a better life. These are:

1. Body straight. First of all, your body should be upright, straight and balanced in order to allow freedom of movement.

2. The importance of what you see. While you’re walking tries to disconnect the muscles that move the eyes and let them still.
By having open eyes is easier, too, that any object catches your attention.
To avoid that you can set your eyes on a point in the distance and head towards him. That will keep the head centered and avoid distractions.

3. It focuses breathing. It is important to be aware of one ‘s breath.
Take time to focus on your breathing as it will signal your body, mind and spirit are joining different spaces.
The idea is that you achieve stop along the way all the complications. And concentrate on your breathing will help a lot to get it .

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4. Focus on the sounds. While walking, hundreds of sounds to break the silence later mingle with him again.
It would be interesting to consciously explore the full range of sounds around us and keep them in mind when you have already turned off.
You can also take with you, wherever possible, a music player to help you to meditate not distracted by sounds outside. Of course, if you’re in a busy and where you should pay attention Street, dismisses this idea!

5. Pay attention to sensations. It ‘s good to let our mind for a moment stop in tact.
You must let things appear and pass spontaneously.
Your mind will automatically be attracted by a pool, an insect, the smell of gas cars or skirt of a woman. If you appreciate those feelings are aware, then you’re meditating. But … do not forget to retrieve your mind when you get lost between thoughts.

6. The colors attract us. As you walk, notice what colors arouse your attention. A quick glance, try to see the tonality of an object without investigating. Extract the color and print in your mind to take with you a few meters when you no longer see.

7. Let the wind caress you. Concentrate on the air that gives your face as you walk. It’s a beautiful practice even if there is no air.

8. Space is fundamental. Appoints the word “space” as you notice the sensation of sky above you. Internalizes the feeling and imagine that your body becomes spacious.

9. internalizes light. Observe the quality of light everywhere. Do not focus on the trees, but in the light that filters through them. Do not look closely at the building, but in the light it gives off.

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10. Feel the peace. Walk in harmony with you and the world. Make your steps on earth are peaceful. Walk and feel comfortable with the world.

You see, incorporate this little exercise few times a week can help you live more relaxed and surrounded by peace.

Do you usually walk? Then try this exercise, you’ll be amazed!

You do not walk? This is your chance to implement this activity full of benefits!

Anyway, tell us what you think and if you go to try ????