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5 Asanas of Yoga for Potency

This article presents a small complex of yoga asanas, performing regularly, can improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs.

1. Urdhva Mukha Shvanasana

Asana increases blood circulation in the pelvic organs, gently stimulates the adrenal glands, which produce the main male hormone.

5 Asanas of Yoga for Potency 11

Urdhva Mukha Shvanasana – performance technology

2. Bhudzhangasana


Bhudzhangasana influences the hormones of the body.
Clinical studies have shown a decrease in the subjects of stress hormones and increasing the amount of testosterone. Asana stimulates the kidneys and adrenal glands, a positive effect on male potency. In addition, Bhudzhangasana kindles the inner fire, prompting the force
of Kundalini .

5 Asanas of Yoga for Potency 12

Bhudzhangasana – performance technology

3. Paschimottanasana

Asana stimulates the endocrine system, calms the mind, removing the anxiety and mild depression.

5 Asanas of Yoga for Potency 13

Paschimottanasana – performance technology

4. halasana

Asana stimulates the pituitary and endocrine glands.
Regular practice helps to improve the work halasana genitals.

5 Asanas of Yoga for Potency 14

Halasana – performance technology

5. Salamba Sarvangasana

Asana benefits the entire body.
Strengthening the blood supply to the brain, it stimulates the pituitary gland. Reverse circulation helps to rejuvenate the sexual organs.

5 Asanas of Yoga for Potency 15

Salamba Sarvangasana – performance technology


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