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Does a woman need forceful yoga practice?

Practicing yoga has long been known that exercise are not only soft and relaxing, but also very intense.
Power postures in yoga are often considered, and even referred to as “male”. Do we need a “weak” sex strong muscles, and how correctly to build a women’s yoga practice?

Proper Yoga: Power or slimming?

The nature of the muscles in women are more relaxed, so women are more flexible, that is, even in a deep tone shavasana men have more muscle than women muscle tone.
Muscle fibers in the male body is constantly committed mikrosokrascheniya, for example, that allows men to less weight gain. The female body (if we talk about a certain averaged figure) makes it easier to learn the asanas require stretching, because the relaxed muscle is easier to traction. But both men and women have a tendency to avoid what is worse is given, preferring to do something that goes by itself. Therefore, many a teacher and practicing yoga asanas like stretching. Even the perception that
yoga – a practice for flexible people, and yoga is, basically, “stretching”.

Slimming practice has many beneficial effects, but if it does not compensate for the force, the joints are at risk of hypermobility, ie it is able to move more than it is physiologically necessary.
This can lead to injury and their complications.

Deep disclosure and twisting force must be compensated practice.
On the contrary, strength exercises, exercises to strengthen the muscles should form the basis of the practice of yoga, asanas and stretching – a compensation and a tool for enhancing parasympathetic tone, relaxation.

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Strength training and sedentary lifestyle

Does a woman need forceful yoga practice? 7

Modern women (and men) often spend most of the day sitting. A sedentary lifestyle has many negative consequences for the organism, in particular – the weakening of the muscles of the back, which is why bent posture. In order to compensate for long sitting and avoid bouquet “professional” disease, you need to strengthen your back muscles. A muscle strengthening only gives power practice.

If we refer to classical texts such as Hatha Yoga Pradipika, the asanas with seating designed for meditation, there are a lot of exercises to strengthen the back muscles.
This is due to the fact that the ancient yogis also spent long hours in a seated position, occupied by practices of contemplation and stop the mind. Yoga exercises are perfectly offset the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

Power load and age

The period of maximum physical activity and endurance in man is approximately 25-30 years.
At this age, a healthy woman can afford as many physical activities as you want, taking into account the characteristics of the menstrual cycle.

After 30 years, the body requires more careful attention.
Can give themselves felt injuries in childhood and adolescence. Therefore, with age, the practice should take more account of the individual characteristics and the current needs of women. The load may not be as intense, but always regular.

Does a woman need forceful yoga practice? 8

Power practice is a lifetime present in a woman’s life.
The aging of the tissues and joints requires a delicate relationship to the body, but all depends on the individual. For example, for women who are just beginning to engage in the practice may be mild, and for her peers in 45 years, which is actively practiced for 15 years, training can not be very different from the complex for young people.

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The power and the practice of the monthly cycle

Health and wellbeing of women linked to the monthly cycle.
This woman seriously Unlike men, whose daily hormonal cycle. During the critical days, women are advised not to carry out the practice of power, as well as the best to avoid exercises that increase intra-abdominal pressure, and inverted postures.

Does a woman need forceful yoga practice? 9

During menopause the value of the power of practice in order to maintain women’s health balance increases.
In order for a woman is easier to pass hormonal changes in menopause, you need to advance to include in its regular training complex exercises aimed at strengthening the adrenal glands: deep troughs and power balances. Studies have shown that women who work actively adrenal glands (including through the exercise of force) climax takes place almost imperceptibly for them and for others.


Do yoga and be healthy!


On Yogasecrets.ru questions answered Igor Kazachinsky

Igor Kazachinsky

Practicing yoga with 1992. Participant of seminars Reinhard Gamenthallera,

Andrew Sidersky Sergei Agapkina, Denis Zikeeva. Certified as a teacher Yoga23 in 2008. Since 2009, he teaches the art of yoga nidra (in Yoga23 version, the classic version Satyananda Swami Saraswati, in the author’s version of ” Yoga Nidra 2.0″). Practicing yoga practitioner since 2013.

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