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Aero Yoga

Yoga (aerial yoga) or Yoga hammocks – this is a new technique that brings the practice of classical yoga a meter from the floor. The uniqueness of the method consists in the use of the hammock (special web securely attached to the ceiling in the form of swing), which allows to lift the body partly or completely above the floor to receive and thrill during practice.

New direction becomes extraordinary popularity around the world as yoga classes Aero have huge health benefits and stabilize the emotional state.
The Aero yoga gravity becomes assistant to gently stretching the spine and whole body. Due to the hammock can perform inversions and backbends safe without compression of the vertebrae. For comfortable and safe practice classes are held in small groups (up to 10 people)

Who can pratikovat Aero yoga: all without exception.
Especially yoga is suitable for those who suffer from chronic stress in the lower back, wants to get rid of the stoop and stiffness in the neck, he wants to feel the force of gravity and experience new unforgettable emotions.

Aero Yoga

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