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Yoga techniques that invigorate a better cup of coffee

Sometimes in the morning, or we feel tired and sleepy in the middle of the day.
Many are accustomed to “spur” the body a cup of strong coffee. But the practice of yoga can help meet and feel a burst of energy more efficiently and without harm to health, without spending more than 5-10 minutes.

Cheer can not relax

State of cheerfulness, like fatigue state governed by the autonomic nervous system.
Vegetative (. Lat vegetativusrastitelny) nervous system is so called because the charge of biological processes in the body that can not be voluntary control: blood pressure, the frequency of heart rate, digestion, and so on.

Depending on the condition of the body, the autonomic nervous system alternately activates the sympathetic tone (Active mode), and the tone of the parasympathetic (rest mode).
Some types of activity (for example, the sexual act) at the same time powerful run both systems – and the excitement and relaxation. On the autonomic nervous tone affect body posture, temperature and light level. Thus
shavasana and slopes include braking and relaxation processes, and power balances deflections – invigorate.

Ideal hormonal regulation allows the body time to renew the spent resources, preventing fatigue and maintaining the health and activity.
But the intense rhythm of life, neglect of biorhythms, stress worsen the balance of autonomic tone: it is difficult to get to sleep after a busy day, despite the fatigue, and in the midst of the day rolls drowsiness and lethargy.

Ha tha as a balance between excitation and inhibition

The idea of ​​harmony between Ha (activity) and Tha (relaxation), in other traditions known as the Yin and Yang – very similar to the modern view of the parasympathetic and sympathetic systems.
The unity and coherence in the work of Ha and Tha – the guarantee of health, mental clarity and productivity of a person’s life.

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Yoga exercises allow the balance, connect the opposite states, reaching the optimal balance, which is called the state of Yoga (or Tai Chi in the Chinese tradition).

Yoga and caffeine

Coffee, strong tea, energy drinks include sharply sympathetic tone, artificially introducing the human condition in the energy-intensive activity.
If we consider the condition of the person as a scale in which the excitement – this is a plus, and fatigue – is a minus, the artificial stimulants dramatically add 10 or even 50 to the energy level, causing the body to expend resources unwisely.

Yoga techniques that invigorate a better cup of coffee 11


, on the other hand returns the person in a comfortable neutral state “zero” when there is no advantage of any system. That is, if before a workout, you experience fatigue, after the well-formed classes feel the calmness and balance. And if you were overexcited and “inflated”, it will also return to the “zero” most harmonious point.

During yoga lessons, exercises to activate the parasympathetic and sympathetic tone must alternate.
A final asana can be selected based on what state you want to save:

  • if after classes you will find a busy working day – try to make Shavasana with a small deflection, putting a roller blade.

  • if the rest of the day, you can afford a vacation – finish the training inverted postures and longer shavasana in the classic version.

Invigorating Yoga break

If a full workout do not have time, then you can awaken the energy and using express workout.
5-10 minutes of toning techniques of yoga in the morning or during the day will help to gently cheer up, cheer up, with health benefits.

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Instrumentation yogic techniques is huge and everyone can choose himself something to taste.

Yoga espresso: Surya Namaskar

If yoga lesson turned into a cup of coffee, the Surya Namaskar, probably would have become an espresso.
Classic, traditional and universally popular.

If you are an adherent of the classics in search of awakening the morning portion of energy, spread a rug and take a 5-10 minute Sun Salutation.

For an invigorating practice of Surya Namaskar hold the position deflection twice as long as the tilt position.

If you usually combine movement and breathing, making a deflection on the inhale and exhale tilt, the deflections pause for a half respiratory cycle (inhale-exhale-inhale).

Yoga techniques that invigorate a better cup of coffee 12

Yoga ristretto: complex deflections

Those who want to get the maximum effect, removing the excess and leaving just fragrant essence of fun and energy, like a short range of deflections.


Stand with your feet wide and include muscle crust, follow the deflection on the breath, raised his hands up and pushed the center of the chest forward.
On the exhale relaxed scroll down, rotate your hands over the back to the floor. Repeat this exercise 3-4 times.

Yoga techniques that invigorate a better cup of coffee 13

Feet together.
Deep arch your back. Then, go to utkatasanu. Follow in the dynamics of 8-10 times. Then lock the two exercises for 5 breaths.

Yoga techniques that invigorate a better cup of coffee 14Yoga techniques that invigorate a better cup of coffee 15

Complete set of vinyasa: slope
chaturanga dandasana dog muzzle up, the dog muzzle down.

Yoga Latte: awakening shaking

When you want a soft and requires no extra effort technology, try shaking.

At its extreme simplicity and ease of implementation, the shaking has a powerful ability to change state to calm the mind and relax the muscles.
Shaking – the universal exercise, it helps to “shake” as fatigue and lethargy, and excess stress. 

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Technique awakening jolts

  • In a standing position with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent.
  • Start shaking shoulders and arms, letting go of stress and fatigue.
  • Add the spring leg movements. Keep your feet off the floor completely, do not jump.
  • Gently pruzhinte, stomping the entire body. Try to find tense areas and shake them. Perform each exercise as much as you want. The effect occurs within 30 seconds.
  • If the situation allows, you can accompany any shaking sound as you exhale.

Practice yoga and enjoy your energy!


How to cheer up without coffee YogaSecrets. ru taught Alena Skvortsova

Alena Skvortsova

Areas: Oriental art of healing and rejuvenation, yoga therapy (tradition of Sivananda Yoga Swami Sivananda Hatha yoga style Dhirendra Brahmachari), Vinyasa Yoga dynamic-static style (the tradition of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga of Sri T. Krishnamacharya – Pattabhi Jois).


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