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Evening Yoga for Beginners

fatigue syndrome familiar to any modern man.
Long work, monotony, poor organization of the workplace, long road to the house in public transport – all of these factors can cause fatigue. Therefore, our body and mind need rest and relaxation every evening after work. We should not neglect the relaxation asanas to recuperate.

A special set of “evening” asanas can help relieve stress and elevate mood.
After performing a complex of asanas will be new powers for spending a wonderful evening with your family and friends. It is recommended to perform all the asanas without strain and torture on his body. The main performance of the evening in the complex – is to get the mind relax, let go of negative emotions, forget the bad events. Some asanas, you can use a support under the head for maximum relaxation effect.


Evening Yoga for Beginners 15

1. Uttanasana

relieves depression, giving head calm. This asana is especially useful for quick-tempered people, as It calms the brain.

  • Stand in Tadasanu, exhale, bend forward, putting in the hip joints, relaxing the back,

  • Twist at the back of the forearm, to allow back and arms hang freely under its own weight.

  • When this position becomes comfortable, and would get his hands to the floor, put his hands on the floor for the feet, toes forward.

  • Pulling back after the hands, trying to press it to the floor base of the palm.

  • Breathe evenly and deeply.
    Hold the position for at least 1 minute.

2. Adho Mukha Virasana helps with fatigue and headaches, relieves stress and dizziness.

  • To kneel on the blanket, the big toes together, knees hip-width apart.

  • Lower your buttocks to your heels.
    If this does not work, you can put on the heels of odeyalo.Kopchik must rely on his heels.

  • Pull the body forward and put his forehead on the floor.

  • Pull out his arms and hips, put your palms on the floor.

  • Remain in position for 2 minutes.
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Evening Yoga for Beginners 16

3. Adho Mukha Shvanasana refreshes, stimulates the brain, promotes a rush of blood to the head, refreshing brain cells, improves the complexion.

  • Get on all fours: hands on the shoulder width apart with your fingers forward, knees and feet hip-width apart, hips and arms perpendicular to the floor.

  • Bend at the waist, with an exhalation, pushing his hands off the floor, to lead the buttocks up and back.

  • Pull the hands, neck and back in a single line in an effort to increase interior space in each joint.

  • Straighten the knees, press the heels to the floor.

  • Stay in the pose for 1 minute.

Evening Yoga for Beginners 174. Dandasana stretch the leg muscles, relieving tension in the legs, helping to improve blood circulation and lymph current. Asana strengthens the muscles of the back and waist, tones the kidneys, taught to sit up straight with your back upright position.

  • Sit on your buttocks, your back straight.

  • Straighten the legs, giving her knees on the floor and feet socks on.
    Designate deflection in the back, “pushing” the belly forward (exception: abnormal concavity – lordosis – loin).

  • Put the palms on the floor near the buttocks with your fingers forward.
    Pull back from the coccyx to the crown. Slightly lower the chin – so that the neck is continued the spine line.

Evening Yoga for Beginners 18

5. Pashchimottanasa calms the brain, removing the anxiety and mild depression, eliminates menstruation and menopause symptoms.

  • Sit on the buttocks, straighten legs.
    stop to send the socks, the backs of his knees pressed to the floor.

  • Take hold of the legs, or knees – where to take out his hands at his back straightened.

  • Helping himself with his hands, pulling back forward and upward, lengthening the spine.

  • Then relax your back and lower it as low as possible to the feet, continuing to pull the crown forward.
    Arms, neck, shoulders – as much as possible.

  • Breathe freely during the 30-60 seconds, gradually increasing the duration of the performance.

  • Yield: slightly retract the lower back, lift his head and caving in the chest and back, lift up vertebra by vertebra, until back does not take the vertical position.
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Evening Yoga for Beginners 196. Chaturanga Dandasana restores blood circulation after a long day in a sitting position.

  • The initial position – sloping abutment: feet shoulder-width apart, arms shoulder width, the whole body is elongated along an inclined straight line from the toe to the crown.

  • Resting on the floor bases hands, elbows expand forward and pulling the elbows to the housing, lower housing below so that the body is laid out on four supporting points parallel to the floor.

  • Stay in this position with even breathing as much as possible, with time increasing the duration of the performance.

Evening Yoga for Beginners 20

7. halasana stimulates the pituitary, rejuvenates internal organs, relieves back pain, cramps in the hands, arthritis.

  • Lie on your back.

  • On the exhale pull your knees to your chest and a roll (do not jerk!) Translate foot behind your head.

  • Locate the body weight on the blades.

  • Straighten and stretch the legs.

  • Breathe evenly, relaxing the abdomen and “wrapping” the hip inward.

  • Remain in position 1 minute, with the time duration of the increase up to 5 minutes.

Evening Yoga for Beginners 218. Salamba Sarvangasana benefits the entire body. In the inverted position, improves blood flow to the brain. Venous blood by gravity without stress is transferred to the heart for purification. Asana favors good sleep, treats insomnia.

  • Lie down on a folded blanket so that the blade was on the edge of the blanket and his head – is already on the floor.
    Thus, the neck is not “wring”.

  • Run Halasanu.

  • To move his hands behind his back and elbows rest against the floor, and, helping himself with his hands, to give the torso upright.

  • Bend your knees and pull them up.

  • Remain in position for 2-3 minutes, increasing with time duration.
    Then return to Halasanu, slowly lower back to the floor – a vertebra by vertebra, stretch your legs and relax.
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9. Savasana relieves stress and is useful for the whole body and in the mind. Shavasana should be carried out each time at the end of yoga classes.

  • Lie down on a mat.

  • Put a blanket under his head.

  • Relax the entire body, letting go, breathe the same.


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