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What’s meditation?

What's meditation? 9

Did you notice that while you were talking to anyone, you did not listen to him, did not notice what you ate while you were eating, did not taste it, you walked in between the minds on your mind and not on the road. That’s what our mind is for us.The mind is always in the past or future. He is in a rushing rush. Uneasiness, anxieties, dreams, an organ that we can not actually control and work independently from our bodies.

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What's meditation? 10


The surplus of today’s stimuli makes this cycle of our mind incredible. When we say television, internet, social media, news, friends, messages, we are exposed to incredible warnings every second of the day. This in turn creates a constant state of arousal and constant stress, anxiety, anxiety. We begin to live without the awareness of the communication between the body and the mind.

You may not have meditated until now, or you might be a thinker like I can not, it does not matter. As days go by, you will see that meditation actually involves very easy techniques. With meditation practice you can get a quick start. What is critical here is often to dedicate yourself to this time. Meditation is one of the most effective ways to bring our mind to the present, to focus on our breath, our bodies, our feelings. So we pass through a busy and tired mind, a calm and focused mind.

There is no miraculous area or world to go to while meditating. Everything takes place in our bodies and in our minds. In meditation practice, we practice everyday practice of meditation practiced since centuries.

What's meditation? 11

Why do we need meditation?

We live under very stressful, challenging and exhausting conditions. Due to the demanding structure of the changing world order in our daily lives, due to the high tempo and increasing stimuli, we are losing contact with ourselves, forgetting what is really important and trying to catch up with uncontrollable life. We go from morning to night, and we live in a junkie without knowing how we got from Monday to Friday. The habit of everyday life, the idea-producing mind, keeps it in a streaming activity.

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The mind feels constantly threatened,  can not rest efficiently. The minds of the past and future are living in the cloud. The mind is constantly making plans, anxieties and assumptions about the future, making comments about the past; as a human being, we live and go without enjoying the enjoyment and experience that the present moment offers.

The number of stimuli around us during the day makes us unconscious and unable to understand what we really feel at the moment. While living in the thinking world about yesterday and tomorrow, we  complete our daily activities without realizing it.  Most of the time we notice that when we have finished eating on our table, we travel around the chain of thought yesterday and tomorrow and we are swallowing food without even enjoying it. When you drive a car, you automatically hook up the pilots and drop them into your dreams or analyzes. We can not exist to feel the relaxing effect of the water while bathing, to feel the freshness while sipping water, to hear the feelings behind the words while listening to our loved ones. Because our mind is too busy to notice the present moment.

Do not you ever think about it? Of course not. People live by prioritizing and making plans. However, he can go further and improve himself. But disappearing in the cycle of thought that does not contribute to us actually means breaking the mind and the relation of our bodies, and this breakdown keeps us away from the present and the present.

Think of it, did you really get the benefit from this time of thought? How many times did you actually find the answer you were looking for? Or are you just in a swirl before you find it? The need for meditation emerges here. We are looking for a time period in which we can be aware of ourselves, where we can really listen to our consciousness by saying a stop to this hustle and bustle of our minds.

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What's meditation? 12

What is awareness meditation?

  • Being aware of the moment.
  • The body is to define its feelings, thoughts.
  • It is self-aware.
  • To judge without judgment.
  • It is a conscious thought and observation structure.
  • It is the meeting of mind and body.

What is not?

  • It’s not a religion.
  • Not to think.
  • Not to take action.
  • It’s not a getaway spot.
  • It is not just a stress and anxiety.
  • It is not difficult.

What should we pay attention to when we start meditation?

It is a great step to want to start meditation and to be really intent on it. In meditation everything begins with the desire and the need. But we can break down the habits of the mind for a while, and we can find a space that does not rush behind the calm, thoughtful. You can easily start meditation here .

  • Spend time : The most important thing to meditate is taking time because there is no special clothing you need to wear when meditating, no special place to go or tools or tools to take.
  • Prepare your mind: To meditate is not to silence the mind, to reveal the consciousness, to allow the minds to come and go, and to realize the environment, body, feelings that we have at the same time. So try to set your mind up like this for 10 minutes.
  • Be judgmental : knowing that you are ready for meditation, leave the judgments about this practice on the side and prepare for a whole new experience. Instead of having a bad or good idea, leave your ideas on the edge, just focus on your experience.
  • Be compassionate to yourself: never be angry with yourself or your mind during meditation, be an individual who observes itself without judgment, and love. Remember, this is a completely special experience for you, there is no one else here, only you.
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What's meditation? 13

When meditating awareness;

  1. Find a quiet place where you will feel comfortable and sit down.
  2. It’s important to try to sit upright to avoid falling asleep.
  3. Relax when you get started and know that you have this minute to yourself.
  4. Close your eyes and start focusing on your breaths first. Focus on your breathing and your breathing. Watch the air fill your chest and concentrate on your concentration.
  5. Try not to notice the thoughts that pass through your mind. See what you think? Look at yourself in a higher window. What kind of thoughts do you wear?
  6. Sometimes the mind can shift to different places during meditation, which is very normal. When you realize this, bring your focus back to work.
  7. Maintain the practice of focusing on the breath and awareness of your mind for 5-10 minutes.
  8. You can live the same experience every day, sometimes we can not stop the mind. We got lost in thought. Do not get caught up in such thoughts as I can never do, do not forget this is a process and we develop our mind muscles. What is important here is that the mind is a stop for this unstoppable hustle and bustle. To recognize the thought, to be aware of the breath. So we calm the body and mind.
  9. Finally, give yourself 10 minutes of your time each day. It will facilitate making it a habit to do in the same place every day at similar time intervals.

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