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Tantra Yoga

Tantra yoga is a system Hindu and Buddhist human cultivation by methods awakening, transformation and use of conscious sexual energy. This style of yoga is based on Tantra, the sacred texts venerated as divine revelation, containing descriptions of the physical and mental techniques of working with energies.

Tantra Yoga is a very effective method to realize those internal forces that lie dormant in each of us, to feel spiritual, pure and worthy of the divine presence. It is a special experience, bringing together in a student male and female, to get rid of mental blocks, complexes and allow to overcome the barrier of perception of reality.

At present, yoga studios offer classes and seminars on the Tantra Yoga, which may differ significantly from each other in terms of content. Therefore, before you come to class, ask what is the program. There are three main types of tantric practices:

  • Red Tantra – sexual practices, exercises and meditation with a partner. This method works with the body and the interaction with a partner, helping to awaken the energy of desire and use it consciously in order to achieve sexual pleasure, creative or spiritual development.
  • Black tantra – training mental power as the ability to realize their desire to manage life situations and even people. It provides an opportunity to train the mental strength and the rapid implementation of a particular purpose.
  • White tantra – a practice that implies going beyond desire. White Tantric Yoga is practiced in pairs and in groups. After chanting, maintaining a certain key body and communication, synchronization is achieved with the individual field energy field group and Infinity. Created in this way the energy purifies the physical and mental body of man.
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Who can practice tantra yoga: This style is recommended for people who want to learn how to accept your body, release the inner potential, to master the art of deep relaxation and expansion of consciousness, to get rid of complexes and sexual habits to drive deep into their true desires.

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