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Healing path: yoga against breast cancer

Healing path: yoga against breast cancer 3

Breast cancer may be surprised any of the women. According to research the morbidity and mortality from breast cancer in Russia are high compared with other countries. According to the Russian Cancer Research Center in Russia every year about 50 thousand. Women diagnosed “breast cancer.” The first place in the incidence of multi-million Russian cities – Moscow, the incidence rate is 53.11 per 1,000 women. In second place – St. Petersburg, 49.62 per 1,000 women. Data from other cities Chelyabinsk – 48.37, Omsk – 54.61, Nizhny Novgorod – 47.7, Ufa – 40.15.

Only half of the cases of breast cancer live more than 5 years.
Over the past 20 years, breast cancer incidence in Russia grew by 64%. Every 8th woman in her lifetime risk of developing breast cancer. However, if diagnosed at an early stage, a complete recovery is guaranteed 94 out of 100 women.

More and more studies show that

may be one of the best tools in the fight against breast cancer. Therefore, many countries are yoga classes for those who are sick breast cancer and those who have survived the disease and is in the process of cure or remission. “Yoga can help women who have cancer, find solace and learn to carefully and lovingly refers to his body,” – said Linda Sparrow, yoga instructor yoga classes for cancer patients.

Several research publications of the year confirmed that yoga, acting on a physical and mental level, effectively helps to cope with the disease.
In particular, yoga reduces the effect of such symptoms as fatigue, pain, stress, depression, and even reduces the size of the tumor.

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Researchers at the University of California (Los Angeles) found that after a twelve-week practice
Iyengar yoga twice a week, patients who survived breast cancer, become less depressed and fatigued, feel more energetic and cheerful. Another study conducted by the University of Washington, noted that practicing yoga Iyengar feel better physically and emotionally, than that in patients with a decrease in cortisol levels in the blood were observed. For reference elevated cortisol triggers a recurrence of cancer, thereby increasing the mortality rate from cancer.

Yoga also helps patients to acquire faith in their speedy recovery.
According to research by the Indian University (Bloomington), women who participated in the eight-week program
of Hatha Yoga , become stronger and more flexible, they felt less discomfort and shyness because of the scars after surgery, as well as more easily perceive the changes that occur with the body during chemotherapy. “Yoga helps us to feel comfortable with themselves and with their illness” – says a leading officer of the Institute, – “it helps to strengthen the internal resources to fight the disease.” After chemotherapy, the women usually are in a depressed state, it is difficult to overcome on their own. Yoga allows you to find inner confidence and harmony. In this state, rehabilitation is faster, and the man quickly returned to a normal environment.

At the end of the article I would like to stress, that yoga is not a deputy medical treatment of the disease.
However, it should be used as an effective replacement therapy during remission of the disease. It helps the body to quickly deal with stress, as well as to overcome the mental and physical problems associated with treatment and life after cancer diagnosis.

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 Based on the article on the Healing Journey http://www.yogajournal.com


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