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Corden Yoga Innovative spinal cord unloading device

Corden Yoga Innovative spinal cord unloading device 11

For the good of civilization, we sometimes have to pay for their health. A sedentary lifestyle, working at a computer, prolonged exposure to traffic jams lead to pain in the spine. In the world of yoga often come those who already have health problems. Sri BKS Iyengar yoga made accessible to all thanks to the use of auxiliary materials. Blocks, Bolster, belts already in the arsenal of almost all yoga
studios, and practitioners are increasingly becoming home to themselves not only the mat, but also auxiliary tools for Yoga. However, the world does not stand still, and new simulators, which are aimed at solving health problems. Today we tell you about an innovative product Corden Yoga, which increases the flexibility of the spine and relaxes the paravertebral muscles. Possible applications of this unit beyond yoga studios. This simulator can be used everyone who has back problems and related diseases.

Apparatus Corden Yoga made of natural hardwood (beech, zebrano, padouk) not subjected to further biological and chemical treatment.
Due to its unique shape: three working faces and two massage element on each – it allows you to selectively affect any motor segment of the spinal column, thereby mechanically returns unbalanced spine in its natural state.

Corden Yoga Innovative spinal cord unloading device 12

The main indications for use Corden Yoga

  • Myofascial pain syndromes, and limited mobility of the cervical, thoracic and lumbosacral spine.

  • Pain syndrome due to protrusion of an intervertebral disc annulus fibrosus, tunnel syndromes, radicular syndromes, upper limbs, numbness in hands, scapulohumeral periarthritis, epicondylitis shoulder.

  • Osteochondrosis of any localization, scoliosis I-II degree, kyphoscoliosis I-II degree, youth osteohondropatija (Scheuermann’s disease-Mau), incorrect posture, growth retardation in children and adolescents.

  • Headaches of different etiology, cerebrovascular insufficiency associated with cervical spine pathology, vertebral artery syndrome, neuralgia of occipital nerves, sleep disturbance.

  • Chronic stress and muscle biomechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system caused by the effects of physical activity in yoga.

  • Pain in the back and neck with a professional muscle strain, where the work is associated with prolonged stay in a uniform position, as well as heavy lifting.
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Dosing Corden Yoga

Finally we go to practice yoga on a mat in Shavasana.
The neck should be laid Corden Yoga.

Corden Yoga Innovative spinal cord unloading device 13

Then sequentially displace Corden Yoga along the spinal column, each acting on its separated – from the cervical to the lumbar.
If you experience pain or tension in a particular area of ​​the spine, it should be given to this area of ​​attention, that is, set the unit Corden Yoga for a long time in a given location.

Corden Yoga Innovative spinal cord unloading device 14

The easiest way to install the device: put it on the mat, a desired level, focusing on the legs and feet of the bent elbow bent hands, then slowly lower back to the top of the device.
Cone-shaped hill apparatus into account the anatomy of the spine and press on the deep paravertebral muscles slowly and gently relaxing them.

In the therapeutic effects Corden Yoga apparatus 4 is put implementation of the principles of treatment of spinal manipulation therapy: relaxation, stretching, mobilization and stabilization.
The technique is safe and physiologic spine, as is the impact of their own body weight, which is used since ancient times oriental medicine specialists.

Fifteen minutes in Shavasana with Corden Yoga at the end of a yoga practice enough to create all conditions for muscle relaxation, reduce spastic muscle tension, stop the flow of pain impulses, improve blood circulation painful area of ​​the spine.

If the classes at the studio instructor devotes little time Shavasana, you should buy Corden Yoga for home use, every day before going to bed to practice with Shavasana Corden apparatus.

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Efficiency Corden Yoga

Corden effectiveness has been proved practice.
According to surveys of respondents using Corden: 80% noted complete relief from back pain, observed 97% reduction in the load on the back, 68% are less likely to suffer from headaches, 79% of the steel less susceptible to stress.

From the first class is significantly reduced pain, and only a few sessions completely unlocked spinal motion segment.
Regular practice of yoga using Corden Yoga helps to increase the distance between the vertebrae, which in turn eliminates the compression of the intervertebral discs and spinal nerves. When restoring spinal mobility, improved and increased level of activities of all functional systems and gradually slow down the aging process.

Corden Yoga Innovative spinal cord unloading device 15

Corden Yoga – an innovative device that promotes the safe advancement in yoga classes.
vehicle manufacturers are participating in the yoga world events to introduce trainers, owners, yoga studios and yoga practitioners with its own unique design. Nearest event where you can meet Corden Yoga live and communicate with its developers – is the International Yoga Festival Organic Nation, which will be held in the Chelyabinsk region on the shores of Lake Turgoyak.


Order Corden Yoga can www.corden.ru/corden-yoga on site or from authorized distributors.

If you want to become a distributor, please write
[email protected]


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