How to meditate while having a baby

How to meditate while having a baby 3

Darío article by Esteban Altamirano member of the Writers program Silva Method

Before my daughter was born Ludmila, meditated at least twice a day half hour sessions. It was normal to make up to five sessions, lasting half an hour to an hour.

When he came into our lives our beautiful little sleep and woke up half an hour; routine that lasted just over a month until year and a half did not sleep more than two hours at night, waking several times. My body did not reach the stage of deep and regenerative sleep, so he could not recover.

Waking seeks our attention most of the time That is totally normal and very cute! our times are greatly reduced, it happens all the same.
as having a baby meditating
It ‘s really beautiful to have a baby, and is also a great truth that huge change in your life brings you great stress : you can not sleep, change your priorities, you rearrange your time and much more!

How to Meditate Having a Baby

Times when you meditate are very few (and at first you may not have any), and increased stress makes it increasingly important power to meditate.

So here’s my experience new parent:

• First and foremost,   rest or meditate when the baby sleeps, do not  pressure to meditate.

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• Agree with your partner to set aside time to meditate, while one takes care of the baby, and respect those times.

At any time deeply and make a mental journey breathe through your body , relaxing each part you find stressed.

• Use several meditations five minutes instead of long meditations.

• blurs your eyes and visualize a countdown from 100 to 1, 50 to 1, 25 to 1, etc., projecting it on your mental screen without closing the eyelids (if you are caring for your baby).

• Use the method of blurring the view to meditate at any time and not let stress win place (see double or blurry eyes to blur, remember that the focus vision takes your brain to the beta level).

• When you have it in your arms, breathe deeply and surrounds your baby with a white light, imagine it, feel it, will help you both relax and can use this as meditation.

Note that the first six months of a baby are essential to form engrams in the brain that will play the moods of his mother, and are for the rest of your life! It is very important that the mother is very relaxed, so that the baby ‘s brain to form structures that play relaxed moods trends in stressful circumstances, when she grows up .

Having a baby is a beautiful experience that will change your life, and his first years will be very important to form his whole personality learn everything about you, including your moods not externalized! If you see meditate incorporate meditation into your life, forever.

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Sit on the floor to meditate. When he is older and already crawl or walk, you will see, you will climb and both will have fun, and if you can not meditate Enjoy the moment!

Personally: my little two years old, when he sees me sitting on Indian posture and me copy by small moooooommmmm (version mantra om we are taught in the Ultraseminario of Silva Mind Control) , which is fun for both and know I’m giving the gift of meditation at an early age.

And this is very important: enjoy your baby are times that will not be repeated, set aside time for meditation but asides time your baby wants to share with you.

To feel love too is another form of your meditation.