Mindfulness meditation Placing order in the closet

Mindfulness meditation putting order in the closet

The other day a friend said to me, “it is that you think put mindfulness meditation at all?”, To which I replied that mindfulness meditation indeed is everywhere, but the problem is that we do not see because we walk by life too fast, and do not pay any attention to what we do.

So I intend to try to show that mindfulness meditation nor is it something religious, nor a dogma, nor is nothing special; but a simple, yet powerful tool that can not only have a positive effect on your personal and professional development, but it can serve to reposicionarte in your particular universe, accepting your present to, from there, to grow into the future.

Indeed, the mindfulness meditation practice, directly involved in each of your daily chores, so if you want to see how you walk emotionally right now, you can go to the closet where you keep your clothes and see what degree of order you have placed .

Sometimes my degree I look mindfulness effectively in my closet. And it is that clutter many personal spaces, usually a true reflection of our way of life where attention we got through the practice of mindfulness meditation, is conspicuous by its absence.

I suggest you choose a time of day where you can be calm or quiet (you can take advantage of the weekend, or a rest day) and I invite you to order and to clean out your closet; this intimate space that reflects not only your mood, but your level of “critical speed”.

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Here I propose some ideas that will help you in the process:

1. Enjoy the silence. You are about to order your closet. It’s almost like putting your head to order, so do not be distracted by music or radio, or watching, every few minutes, the phone or taking calls. Spend time with yourself and silence and turn off all electronic “junk” you have in your range.

2. Empty your closet . Take absolutely everything in the closet you want to order. It’s like “leave blank mind”. Do not answer, then, to what you’re taking. Do it, even compulsively. Do not order and piled to one side on a table or on the bed, everything you go pulling out.

3. Look at the mess. Take a couple of deep breaths and for at least 2 minutes, dedicate yourself to observe your disorder. You say, “If I have messed me!”, And I will answer: Do not do the same every day with your head? “. Also notes the empty space in your closet. It is your mind that you must empty every morning to go fitting new things and experiences every day. Also if you do not think too many things that others may need.

4. Place from the heart. Give yourself time to go slowly placing each of the things that are on the heap and do it carefully. Lose yourself in the heart to select what is really going to need. “Realize” where the clothes or the shoes comes, think of those who did with their hands, think of all the people who have participated so you have that piece now in your hands. Think about where it is made and notes with heart and feels with the gesture of having bought, we are not putting your bit on the exploitation of other beings working in subhuman conditions. Ponders with heart and humility about it.

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5. Breathe order. When everything is in place, sit in front of the open closet and look carefully your work. Take pride or proud of the work you’ve done and works every day to keep your head clear of negative thoughts, like you’re going to keep your closet clean things we do not need.

You see, mindfulness meditation can also make ordering your wardrobe. Now that you have everything perfectly placed, why not start with “crazy top” Santa Teresa called the head.

As in the saying … “it’s never too late if that is good.” You know, mindfulness meditation for daily life.

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