Benevolence to follow the path of the heart here and now

Benevolence to follow the path of the heart here and now

“Benevolence”. The path of the heart Carmen Durán Editorial Kairos


We live in a world filled with selfishness and lack of attention is an irrefutable fact.

So it is that many human beings strive to change attitudes, to put personal bit in building a more human personal and social universe and conscious.

The two sides of human actions every day are discussed, and whom we consider to be in the plane of wisdom and humility give its best fruits in order to make our space a better environment, we know that books like Carmen Durán they are perfect tools for the job of joint action.

Is, in this sense, benevolence one of the great ways to continue with certainty and firmness the path of the heart.


Benevolence as art of being and being here and now.


Aware of the present moment makes us more human, more caring, more understanding, less selfish and best workers in the works to build a better world.

Benevolence, as the author points out, leaves the “Manichaeism, polarity self-other, and means for others wanting the same good I want for me”

It’s just that sense that permeates every page of this book that exalts benevolence to the dimensions you deserve.

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In the words of Carmen Durán, “If you really understand that we are all parts of a unit, personal interests can not stay away from the human community to which we belong”

Divided into chapters that address the big questions that as human beings we do constantly, what is man ?, Who am I ?, What should I do ?, What I expect ?, the author takes us by the hand the encounter on the way of the heart.

Benevolence as door open to meeting with our neighbors in the good work of inhabiting the planet from the simplicity and commitment to build a better world every day. From the here and now. The continuing need for mindfulness

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