Time management mindfulness in 5 Ideas. The Encounter with your time

Time Management mindfulness on 5 ideas.

Speaking of time management mindfulness is also talk of motivation and commitment. Without good time management you can not perform your actions to achieve the goals and objectives that you have proposed.


Making good time management mindfulness is to win in time for your projects.


When we talk about time management mindfulness , first to work it is the awareness regarding the present moment. If you have a head full of thoughts in “crazy monkey” you can not get settled in the present moment is the only place where you can haxcer good time management.

If life gives you every morning 24 hours to use them freely. Have you analyzed at some time when you spend ?.

If you have a goal or clear goal in a reasonable space of time, you have no choice but to learn to perform good management of time in those 24 hours, get time to devote to what you really want to devote.

Here I leave five ideas that you can be useful.

1. Accept that your time is finite and that you have the freedom to organize.

Well, okay, now you tell me you have your duties, that you do not manage your time, your life backpack full of stones. But you have to accept that as your time is finite, that of which you have, you must take care and be clear that the choice of use also determines changes in your life you have to perform. The big question is how these changes will improve your life ?.

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2. Set goals and concrete and reasonable goals.

Nothing is impossible, but if you want to be an astronaut and have 56 years (for instance) a little complicated you’re going to have. Maybe you should think that there are other objectives consistent with your reality. Nothing happens. Not why you’re going to be miserable or unhappy, but it is still better find a more realistic goal. Write down on paper the things you want to achieve over the next year. Make a list, for example, 5 goals.

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3. Put time for each goal.

Once you have given those objectives or goals you want to accomplish, you have to be aware that only by applying time actions arising from that goal, you’ll be getting your goals. This is important for good management of time in your day to day.

4. Learn to earn one hour of your time.

I began to discover that wake up two hours before what we usually did, I offered the possibility to use that time to enjoy the silence and space to myself. Since then, I can read more, write more, better balance home and gives me time to even make a morning meditation every morning. That I recommend you read the book ” Miracle Morning” that will serve to discover how it is not impossible to get more time for your time.


5. Practice meditation and mindfulness

It is one of the greatest tools for change. Discover meditation and practice of mindfulness or mindfulness, you certainly will ensure the discovery and a new way of managing mindfulness time.

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Is your moment. It is here and now. It’s your time and you decide what to spend. Do I cost, I know; but it’s not impossible. Patience, work and perseverance.



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