Mindfulness what it is and how it is practiced. The Simple Life

Mindfulness what it is and how it is practiced

Mindfulness what it is and how it is practiced is the question that is ascending in the interest of those who make search engine searches the network and especially in goolge. Here I want to leave some ideas that may help.


Mindfulness what it is and how it is practiced. Life a day in either side.


Before offering a definition, you can actually find on the homepage of this website, I want to show in a few lines, how is the life of any of us or us, before beginning the practice of mindfulness and after entering “mindfulness life.”

I am completely convinced that you will feel reflected or reflected.

Life without mindfulness or mindfulness:


A life without care, without using the tool of our conscience to be here and now, a life wondering that what mindfulness is and how it is practiced, is a “racing life.”

  • You live in accelerated mode, perform any activity in your head mechanically while traveling rapidly between the past and the future without being attentive and alert to what is happening in the present moment.
  • Comes accelerated form and hold a bad relationship with your feeding process, leading you to commit excesses then relents.
  • You tend to have small accidents, carelessness, forgetfulness …
  • You’re tense, you suffer from anxiety and nerves sometimes overcome you. As they say “You’re jumping to” and react impulsively to any fact you do not like or pleases.
  • You are in “thinking about something else” and have difficulty focusing.
  • You spend the day judging. If this is bad, this is good, this is nice, this is unpleasant. You do not do anything but get attached or reject experiences.
  • You suffer from stress and trouble sleeping. You have physical discomfort from the constant state of disruption.
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Life with mindfulness or mindfulness:


  • Once you give the answer to your question about Mindfulness what it is and how it is practiced, you enter the mindfulness life is what happens when you start a period of intensive practice to go about doing that same practice, eventually you go integrating into your daily work.
  • That “mindfulness life” has these characteristics that you pointed out below.
  • You have thoughts and ideations (never mind goes blank) but hold a new relationship with your thoughts and ideations and, above all, you are not absorbed or absorbed in them.
  • You are centered or focused on the here and now. They live in the present moment that is where, really, your life and your potential as a human being develops. Invest in your personal and professional development from the here and now without walls or limits you stop even for past events, nor futuribles events.
  • Your life develops freely in the present moment.
  • You perceive life with a greater degree of simplicity.
  • Stress comes down and you manage and better control both your anxiety and difficult emotions.
  • Improvements in managing your time.
  • You are careful and attentive in a normal manner and without tension.
  • You have a better relationship with food
  • Acquire greater serenity and a greater perception of subtle levels of consciousness.
  • no longer react, but respond to any fact of life.
  • Improving your immune system, which translates into better health.
  • In case of illness or discomfort, you hold a better relationship with the inevitable.
  • Feeling flow over time. Greater sense of freedom.
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Definition. Mindfulness what it is and how it is practiced.


You’ve seen the big difference between a life with mindfulness and a life without mindfulness. As for definitions of mindfulness there are many, almost as many as researchers and practitioners, but I leave one that seems to me essential and very enlightening.

It is that of Jon Kabat-Zinn , which can be considered the father of these techniques of mindfulness or mindfulness.

Says Kabat-Zinn on the practice of mindfulness that “Mindfulness (Mindfulness) provides a simple yet very powerful to break the deadlock and regain contact with our wisdom and vitality, taking charge of the direction and quality of our life style but , our relationship with ourselves, including family relationships, work and the world in general “and that, ultimately,” mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment without judging “

And of course, this is not easy and takes time.

I like to say that “Mindfulness is the ability of humans to make use of the tool of consciousness, in order to settle in the here and now and develop from the present moment in all capacities to enjoy magic and the miracle of life. It is therefore important to learn to practice mindfulness. “

Whatever the case and see the definition that you see any consultant or researcher mindfulness, the fact is that the practice of mindfulness tremendous benefits and is one of the most powerful tools for personal, professional and even sports for practitioners any sport.

Mindfulness what it is and how it is practiced


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As for his practice, from Plenacción, plus face workshops, you can have the experience of working toward your serenity doing the online practice mindfulness program PROGRAM 40 you can see by clicking on the image.

Mindfulness what is and how is practiced

Now you can start practicing mindfulness to integrate mindfulness into your daily work life

When you decide to integrate the practice of mindfulness in your daily life, you open a new door in a changing world and which we are living, you learn that there is another natural, simple and powerful BE way be, do and have.

Heart, I invite you to its discovery. I assure you to discover what it is and how Mindfulness is practiced, you will not regret having done so .

You will discover that what is extraordinary in the everyday.

You can start testing now. I wait for you.

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