Develop Your Creativity, meditating

Develop Your Creativity, meditating 3

Develop your creativity, meditatingHave you ever thought what differentiates genius of ordinary beings? Napoleon Hill, author of the bestselling book Think and Grow Rich, defined genius as follows:

“Genius is a man or woman who has discovered how to increase the intensity of thought to the point where they can freely communicate with sources of knowledge not available through the common thought.”

That is, the geniuses are those capable of thinking creatively. Now, creativity can develop or is a gift with which some are born and others not?

Luckily for everyone, José Silva studies showed that creativity can exercise and meditation is the best way to do it.

Silva’s experiment consisted of asking a group of children from Laredo, Texas, the solution to a problem. The answers they gave while they were in beta (conscious level of mind) were good but nothing to do with creativity demonstrated after being guided by the student to the level of meditation. The solutions found in alpha state, were significantly more numerous and creative.

Meditation and creativity have always gone hand in hand. Simply review the history of the great geniuses of humanity to realize. This is the case, for example, Doctor R. Elmer Gates, author of more than 200 patents. Gates sat in the dark in a soundproof room with just a notebook and a pencil handy. There reflected on the known aspects of the invention at hand, until her mind began to wander about the unknown aspects. Then, the ideas began to flow, so sometimes so numerous that the inventor took hours to transcribe

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Meditation offers a nearly incalculable health benefits. This is known as passive meditation. But there is another type of meditation, active, less known, but it is what will allow you to find ways to achieve the goals you’ve proposed in life. Which will help you develop your creativity. This is because when one reassures through meditation does is allow your mind open to higher wisdom channels, commonly known as intuition, sixth sense or gut feeling.

Through active meditation you can:

  • Think inspiring ideas that give a turn to your life.
  • Finding creative solutions to your problems.
  • Excel in your work for your response capacity
  • Develop artistic aspects neither have you suspected.

To expand your creativity through meditation, these are the steps:

1. Enter alpha state through meditation.

2. When you’re relaxed, thinking about the problem you want to solve. One at a time.

3. Review all the information you have the problem and analyze it from all perspectives. Become specific questions.

4. Let your mind wander.

5. Write every thought or interesting idea to appear on your head. The solution will end up appearing in the form of words or mental images.

Finally, remember to keep an open mind will help you understand the signals that will give your life to solve your problems.

After practicing this exercise, sure you’ll discover many ideas that even before you suspected, would you like to share with us?

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