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What are the benefits of yogasanas?

What are the benefits of yogasanas? 5

What are the benefits of yoga?

It may seem as if the whole of the Netherlands is currently doing yoga . You can not walk into a gym or you are already beaten up with group lessons! Are you one of those people who have not yet started this activity from India? Good chance that you wonder then what all the hustle and bustle is about.

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What are the benefits of yogasanas? 6


Yet there are indeed enough reasons for you to engage in yoga. Curious? In the blog of today we have a number of great benefits of yoga at a glance. Check for yourself if you could also have something to do with it!

Yoga for flexibility

One of the most important physical benefits of yoga is that your flexibility is greatly improved. At the first yoga class you will probably wonder how it is possible that everyone can perform all these attitudes. You get your leg only half as far as it should! Your agility will, however, improve rapidly.

And that is not only useful during yoga classes themselves! It is also useful in other sports and in daily life if your muscles can be stretched a bit further. For example, the chance of injuries and strains decreases considerably.

Yoga for your posture

Related to that flexibility is that yoga can greatly improve your posture. Of course, yoga is not a way to train muscles in the first place; it is certainly not strength training . That does not mean, however, that it does not affect your strength at all. There are certainly postures that appeal to different large muscle groups – as you will also notice from the muscle pain afterwards.

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What are the benefits of yogasanas? 7

It also involves a significant proportion of the many muscles that function as ‘support’ for the primary muscles. By training them, your general attitude improves considerably, among other things. You are therefore more solid in the shoes and makes a more confident impression.

Yoga against pain

One of the other great yoga benefits is that it can have a pain relieving effect. This applies to different areas. Stretching your muscles stimulates the discharge of lactic acid after physical exertion. This reduces the amount of muscle pain afterwards. Also more chronic problems can be mitigated with the help of yoga.

Pain in the joints can be relieved thanks to the increased flexibility. Certain postures can also reduce neck and back pain or even heal. Studies also show that yoga in combination with meditation can provide a slight improvement in, for example, cancer patients and MS patients.

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Yoga against stress

Finally, yoga is a great tool to combat stress , fatigue and lethargy. By concentrating on breathing you are almost ‘forced’ during yoga to relax. Less stress hormones are produced, and more hormones that provide a better mood.

People who practice yoga often quickly sleep better and have more energy . Even your ability to concentrate may well improve! In short, do you feel a little down lately and do not know exactly what you can do about that gray cloud over your head? Yoga may offer an outcome that has helped many people further.

Yoga for men

One last comment for the men who read this article: yes, yoga is absolutely also great for men. Traditionally, it is mainly women who start out in the Netherlands, but that does not mean that the benefits for men are less great. The improved posture and increased relaxation apply to everyone.

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