What is happiness? A meeting from the lucidity of mindfulness

That is happiness.  A meeting since the lucidity of mindfulness

If you wonder what is happiness, do not expect to find the answer in a hedonistic vision that search. In this book you will find the answer.


” In Praise of lucidity” Ilios Kotsou Editorial Kairos.


It is that happiness is the big question that everyone we do at some point in our lives. The problem is that we think that the solution to this question is a hedonistic vision that search.

Ilios Kotsou , in this “Eulogy of lucidity” and as pointed outits subtitle, helps us to free ourselves from the false illusions that prevent usbeing happy.

To realize that is happiness, the author proposes a complete overview of the most common pitfalls of this poorly understood process of encounter with happiness.

With a preface by Chirstophe André , who can know through books like “The Art of Happiness” or “Meditate every day” , ” In Praise of lucidity” marks us an excellent way to understand that is really the answer the big question of what is happiness.

Nothing better than a deep work through tolerance, detachment, sweetness to oneself and also release oneself.

If anything knows Matthieu Ricard is that it is happiness and that’s what explains this wise considered one of the happiest men in the world, in the epilogue of the book.

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As noted in the introduction, “Lucidity inviting us to this book is not always pleasant: to realize that the reality is different from what we want is sometimes painful. But this understanding is healthy, it will help us to have clairvoyance in the way of life that suits us. “

Stay with an interesting idea when wonder what is happiness and that in life there is pain and you can not turn away from him, but suffering is always optional.

Learn to recognize what is really being happy is what you can find in this praise of lucidity that presents Kotsou,

Salt all kinds of ingenuousness and half-truths that we tend to paint many “gurus” trying to convince us that happiness is to be permenentemente in a state slightly less than permamente joy.

The reality is very different yet simple. The answer to that is happiness lies in the lucidity and that’s what you’ll learn along reading this good book I recommend.

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