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How Do I Get A Very Healthy Skin?

How Do I Get A Very Healthy Skin? 15

Have you ever wondered why those who practice yoga always have smooth and clean skin? How Yoga Helps Cleanse the Face: 7 Asanas for Clean Skin

Will yoga help cure skin: 7 asanas for clean skin

There are special asanas from yoga that help get rid of pimples, acne and dry skin. They also help keep the skin toned and keep its youth for longer.

It should be noted that yoga is a way of life, than just sport . Asanas help to keep not only the body in a tone, but relieves negative thoughts, fill you with positive energy. That’s why yoga is needed for those who want to be beautiful.

Here are seven asanas that will help make your skin clean and taut.

1. Padmasana, or the lotus posture

If you practice this pose regularly, the skin will begin to shine. This pose relieves negative energy and reduces the tension of the muscles of the body and face.

How to do it: sit on the floor, stretch your legs. Keep your back flat. Then bend the right leg in the knee and place it on the left thigh, so that the knee is pointing upward, and the heels remain close to the stomach. Repeat this with the left foot. Then turn the palms to each other above the knees. It is important that the spine is straight, and the neck relaxed. Remain in this position for 1.5 minutes and at the same time breathe deeply.

How Do I Get A Very Healthy Skin? 16


2. Marichiasana

This posture improves the flow of blood to the internal organs, helps in detoxification, and therefore improves skin color.

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How to carry out: on the floor, stretch your legs forward, bend your right foot in the knee and pull it to your maximum. Unfold the hands in this position, inhale and turn the body to the left. Then wrap your arms around the bent knee. Do not forget about the even spine. In this position, you need to sit for a few minutes. Then repeat it with the other leg and turn the case to the other side . You should not practice marichiasana if you have insomnia and you have problems with the spine.

How Do I Get A Very Healthy Skin? 17

3. Dhanurasana

She is also called the bow pose for the similarity. The effect of it, as well as from marichiasana.

How to perform: lying on your stomach, spread your legs apart, and your hands – on each side. Then bend your knees and grab them by the ankles. Inhale and try to lift the chest above the ground, pull the neck. Relax your facial muscles. Stay in that position for 20 seconds. Come out of it smoothly, without sudden movements, just like you started. Those who suffer from problems with arterial pressure or have back or neck injuries should not resort to this asana. Also, do not practice it during pregnancy , since all weight is transferred to the abdomen.

How Do I Get A Very Healthy Skin? 18

4. Halasana, or plow posture

This asana rejuvenates and soothes.

How to perform: you need to lie on your back, hands stretch along the body with the palms down. Inhale and lift your feet to the top 90 degrees to the floor. Support your hips with your hands. When you are straightened into the “birch tree”, lower your legs so that your knees are above your face, and your toes touch the floor. Watch your breathing – it must be deep and smooth. After a few seconds, smoothly return to the original position.

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How Do I Get A Very Healthy Skin? 19

5. Sarvangasana

Practicing this pose, you can tighten your skin and reduce deep wrinkles.

How to do it: lie on the rug, so that the body is parallel to the floor, raise your legs 90 degrees. Press the palms to the floor and lift the pelvis. Support yourself by your hips and lift your legs so that they are perpendicular to the floor. Now the most important thing is to lift the body, transferring weight to the shoulder blades. Hold the pose for 60-100 seconds, try not to let your legs sway. From this asana you need to give up to people with heart problems, spine, dislocation of discs and high blood pressure.

How Do I Get A Very Healthy Skin? 20

6. Shirshasanu

Performed as a stand on the head. It helps improve blood circulation, removes toxins and makes the skin clean.

How to do it: squat, lower your knees to the floor. Head your head around your fingers, and spread your elbows apart. Then bend over so that the top of the head touches the ground. Put your head between your hands. Now gently lift your legs (keep your back and neck flat) and transfer weight to the head and forearms. Then you should take a breath. And on exhalation – slowly return to the starting position. After this pose, lie in the embryo position for a few seconds. This asana is contraindicated for those who suffer from rigidity of the occipital muscles, there are problems of arterial pressure, with the heart, as well as problems with the intestines, kidneys.

How Do I Get A Very Healthy Skin? 21

7. Shavasana

Still it is called the pose of rest. Asana relieves stress, which is beneficial for the skin and the body as a whole.

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How to do it: just go to the floor and close your eyes. Relax. Feet apart, hands along the body palms up. Breathe slowly and deeply. Practice this pose for 15 minutes. After smoothly go to the lotus position.

How Do I Get A Very Healthy Skin? 22

So, simple exercises will help to make the skin healthy and radiant.

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