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The Most Simple Thing You Can Do To Find Happiness


Simple Thing You Can Do To Be Happy

If you’re looking for happiness probably you have many concepts about what it is and how to get it …

… maybe you found those who claim that this is on the way to our achievements and others define it as a state of life.

Actually, no matter what definition you will not find happiness if not before you learn to like or love you more yourself. I know that to love yourself sounds cliche of self-help book, but it’s true and I want to say why.



Here we propose three simple things that will help me raise it and I assure you that if you focus on them, happiness soon be part of your life.

1. Be healthy

What you do for the people you love? Those you care and treat them well. So should do to you, you should take care of you and treat you right, you should pamper yourself and so learn to love more. When I exercise I feel great, I guess just happens to you.

Remember that your body is a vehicle that will accompany all your life (day and night), thus worth respect and care. So to be healthy, in addition to eating healthy and exercising, we also need to relax, relax, laugh, breathe, drink enough water, stress management and positive thinking, among other things.

When you are healthy, you usually have more energy, you look good, you improve your ability to concentrate and even your sex life … all these are factors that make you feel good and therefore happier.

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 If you feel healthy … you will like more and be happier.

2. To pose personal goals and work (every day) to get them

Set a goal and strive every day to get progress to achieve your days will have a purpose. Day without something to do seem boring, do not you think?

In addition, each earned achievement or progress, however small (you can call them mini-goals), you’ll get a reward that will make you feel good. Although you should keep in mind your ultimate goal, what really matters is that approaches all your energy to progress daily (keep focus on the steps and not in the goal).

That feeling progresses will allow you to feel better about yourself and you will like you more. Who does not admire people who proposed a goal and achieve? With every achievement will increase the confidence in yourself and what you can achieve.

The goals do not necessarily have to be crazy or risky things can be anything you want, from visiting a city you’ve never been (I love traveling), lose 3 kilos or save some money even simple as reading a novel.

If you ask yourself goals and work every day to make progress in achieving them … you will like more and be happier.

3. Helping others (voluntarily)

People would like people who help others in a positive way, to make this world better, so if you do, you will soon see that reflected in you and will like you more.

What can you do to help others? Each person has resources (time and / or money), skills, knowledge and personal experiences. Share them with people who need it , without expecting anything in return, and you will feel very good about it. The gain will be double, winning sales wins you and the person receiving your help.

You may even gain it is double for you, because usually when you help someone, that person will be grateful to you and will treat you with sympathy (though not a rule). Some even say that if we help others receive the favor back (but in a “mysterious” way and in other ways) …

When “I mention others ” I mean from someone completely unknown to you until your partner, family and friends.

If you share, give and help others voluntarily … you will like more and be happier.

If you like, please do not stop applying what you read and help others to be happier … Share this article with at least one person you know who wants to be happier, I promise you will thank you and me too.

One last thing , if you want to learn more about happiness and, of course, on Yoga, I recommend you to follow naylin and you subscribe to MindYoga4U …

… also I invite you to stop by my web eVidaSana.com where I’ll help you apply what I’ve mentioned.

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