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Does yoga improve posture?

Does yoga improve posture? 1
Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in India and has a very old tradition. “Yoga” is a Sanskrit word and means unity: unity between body and mind, between consciousness and God, between the visible and the invisible. 
There are many benefits to the emotional well-being as well as health among them, the care of the spine.The spine suffers and there are many postulates that say that practicing yoga reduces back pain.  It is a way of life and a technique that contributes to lead a life full of health and harmony.Practicing yoga can be very helpful in lowering stress levels and improving posture (Getty Images)
© THX Medios SA Practicing yoga can be a great help in lowering stress levels and improving posture (Getty Images)
The report revealed that the functionality of the back improved in those patients who practiced yoga during three months of practice. “The stretching and strengthening of the muscles significantly improves the pain and consequently less analgesics are consumed, so we can reduce or avoid self-medication with analgesics, which will not lead us to any solution and that, possibly, will bring us unwanted side effects,”.Why back pain occurs Back pain and low back pain are very frequent and can sometimes be due to bad postures, lack of exercise or stress. However, they are often due to spinal problems. “In both cases, the practice of yoga can radically change the lives of people suffering from acute or chronic low back pain,” said the specialist.

This practice requires a correct posture that will lead to the person being aligned with body, mind and soul (Getty Images)©

This practice requires a correct posture that will lead the person to be aligned with body, mind and soul (Getty Images)The principles of yoga for the spine are simple and pleasurable. Generally, when suffering an injury in any part of the spine, be it high, medium or low, there is a decrease in intervertebral spaces or rotation of vertebrae. The rotation and the decrease of space are reflected directly in strong muscular and nervous pains.

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The benefits of doing yoga

“Besides that this practice helps to reduce stress and clear the routine, it has other health benefits, since yoga exercises relieve back pain  by increasing the elasticity of the tissues, through flexions, extensions and rotations of the spine, noticing changes very quickly, “emphasized the professional.

Yoga poses help stretch the muscles and oxygenate the blood (Shutterstock)© THX

The benefits of yoga are many, both on the physical plane and spiritual and mental. Next,  Barroso Griffiths  enumerated a series of benefits of this popular practice:

-Reinforces the dorsal musculature

-Helps to become aware of one’s own body and learn to listen to it

-Improve elasticity

-Relays and releases the daily tensions

-Increase the perception of how one is moving and position the body appropriately

-Invite to relax muscles and relieve mental stress.

-Improves ventilatory mechanics.

-Increases the general vitality.

Good postures are very important in meditation . To breathe properly and meditate deeply, a yoga practitioner must learn to take his spine to the most straight line possible.

As anti-stress therapy regulates emotions and increases serenity and well-being (Istock)© As anti-stress therapy regulates emotions and increases serenity and well-being Most movements of this practice require that the person sit on the ground without any support. You must learn how to align your spine and feel comfortable moving into a meditative state.

“Practicing yoga safely allows maintaining postural hygiene and physical and mental well-being.The energy of yoga resembles that same energy of chiropractic philosophy, that same energy is called Innate Intelligence. ‘Innate’ because we have it since our conception , e ‘Intelligence’ because he knows everything, “concluded the chiropractor.

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