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Can practicing Yoga everyday make you slim?

Can practicing Yoga everyday make you slim? 1

Yoga postures to stay slim!

The posture of the camel

The posture of the camel will open the entire front of the bust, and solicits the muscles of the psoas, the muscles of the thighs and ankles. It also helps strengthen the back muscles.

In a kneeling position on the carpet, knees slightly apart from the width of the hips. Put the big toes on the floor.

Put both hands on your lower back.

At the inspiration, and while resting on your hands, gently bring back the head and look towards the sky, while keeping the hips well above the knees.

Then, following the same movement, catch your heels with your hands and bring your hips forward.

In this posture, open your shoulders, do 3 to 5 breaths. Then gently bring your but on the lower back and return to the original position.

The posture of the boat

The posture of the boat

The posture of the boat

The posture of the boat will strengthen the spine, hips and abdominal belt.

While sitting on the floor, the buttocks flat on the floor, knees bent. Place your feet flat on the floor and joints.

Place your hands behind your knees, then point your toes on the floor.

Bring the bust gently to the back of the bones of the glutes, do not arch your back, hold it straight and long. In this posture already, you will feel the contraction of the thighs.

Gently lift the legs off the floor and extend them. You will take support on the buttocks and take strength at the hands under the knees. Then, when you are in balance, extend the arms on each side.

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Stay in this posture for 1 minute then release. Repeat the movement 3 to 5 times.

The Chaturanga

The Chaturanga

The Chaturanga

The posture of Chaturanga does not only allow to relax and overcome stress; it is also a recommended posture to refine his silhouette and work his abs. This posture essentially solicits the muscles of the arm, the abdominal belt, and the legs.

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Begin to position yourself on all fours, resting on your hands flat on the ground, your knees and the tips of your feet. Align the wrists of your hands to your shoulders and spread your fingers well.

Spread the knees slightly at the same level as the hips.

While inhaling, gently lower the bust towards the ground; bending the elbows and taking support and strength on the knees and hands. The elbows must be glued to the body.

Now, you are lying on the ground, your elbows bent at 90 °, (they stay stuck to the body but do not spread them). By inspiring, contract your abs, push your hands on the ground and climb the whole body, while keeping the alignment of the head, spine, buttocks and heels (because you are in support of the tips of the feet).

Stay in this posture for 30 seconds and return to the ground. Repeat this up and down movement 3 to 5 times.

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