Change my life. The mindfulness power of the here and now

Change my life.  Mindfulness power of the here and now

Change my life. The power of the here and now.

Change my life. That was the goal that had marked 2006 and through me in a deep personal crisis. Where do I go ?, what do I do ?, where do I go ?.

To change my life to go for it. It is the abyss and I know. That was my feeling, when a July 27, 2007 I was heading to Granada leaving everything behind. Change my life. Of course you can!!

Parked at a gas station on the R-4, near Seseña (Toledo) and next to the madness of urbanization product of the “housing bubble” with the essentials in a small suitcase and all my belongings stuffed into a moving truck did not know if they arrive the next day and looking at the ruins of an era that exemplified in urban monster, had me this morning to begin a new stage in my life. I was about to change my life.

Gone were some years of stress, job madness, not stop, impossible schedules, moobing, running without knowing where and realize that what you lived was not what you intended. Output undoubtedly was “forced” by my sitting meditation retreats and practices what I later learned was “mindfulness”. I simply was a humble practitioner of Zen way.

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At that time thought that started from zero (she came to Granada and only knew some friends of my ex-wife and his family), but personally, I quickly realized that the life experience had and that it was starting a circle new. Change of life means dying and being reborn many times throughout your life. Change is not only possible but necessary.

Today, here and now, I feel serene, happy and on the way that I myself had drawn me. I am what I want to be, do, have and be in time to come.

I tell you this because when you ask that of “I can change my life?” , I want you to know that the resounding answer is yes. Clearly that is possible because your life is yours and because currently, however complicated than you think it is very difficult for you to see, your question to change my life has a clear solution.

It means leaving your comfort zone, be clear about what you want, where you want to go and even who you want to. Although life are free seem to say otherwise. But it really is not life, but the world we have built. Do not worry, shorn lamb.

The practice of meditation and mindfulness or mindfulness, for me was the great discovery that, in the middle of the storm, I did see, from moments of serenity, it was possible to change my life.

I am watching my fear, my anxieties, my concerns, but inside me beat this essential self that is calm before the earthquake and everyone we have, as it can not be otherwise, that essential self that we usually clear with our roles and characters and the obligations that we impose.

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Change my life. Yes of course you can. But you must be aware that means ruptures. Who said “change my life” was and is simple ?. But the power that gives you the take the first step, is the power of happiness to the change you wish.

The practice of mindfulness or mindfulness, ends up being a whole inner revolution I encourage you to live. Practice for serenity and happiness, yes, but that is not exempt from that in the silence, you appear your fears, your mistakes, your worries, your frustrations, your challenges and make it more clearly than ever.

That ‘s what it is. That also means the process of starting your “internal cleansing” on the road to say yes to change my life.

Hiperconsumerist this world so we want to show that the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness, is happiness overnight. Only selling and looking for easy money, but I must tell you, practice mindfulness and mindfulness is a process of inner liberation and search and find your own essential being. A wonderful adventure that has nothing to do with what the advertising wants us to see.

Yes, my life is possible. You’re right and it’s an adventure and between one space and another, between reality now, and your new world, there is usually an earthquake that you have to face and nothing better to do it from a meditation cushion.

When we talk about the wonders of mindfulness, I always say yes, that’s great, but it is also an act of courage intimate because you have to face what you’ll be telling silence yourself. But that is precisely what makes the idea of “change my life” becomes a healthy, possible and desirable reality.

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I encourage you to do so. Just this vida.La you let escape if you are traveling all the time from past to future without “realizing” that the truly real is here and now for good and for bad. But in the end, you realize that there is neither good nor bad. It is simply extraordinary in the everyday.

Come the revolution seriously say “I want to change my life.” Take the step and see “Life mindfulness” . You are free to build your goals, dreams and goals. Ahead!!

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