Mindfulness for the elderly. For a conscious life without age

Mindfulness for seniors.  Ageless conscious life

Mindfulness for seniors, is the book of Maria Teresa pigeons, prefaced by Eline Snel, I would recommend. It’s never too late. Conscious worth living


“Mindfulness for older”. Maria Teresa Palomas Editorial Kairos


Speaking of mindfulness for seniors , let me remind you one of the books that every week I present the BiblioMind, we spoke aging art. “Calmness” Wilhelm Schmid , whose review you can access by clicking on the book cover.

healthy aging

Having a healthy enevejecimiento goes well in the art of growing old.

Schmid tells us in this book, the aging process, describing it as a harmonious and necessary process and a natural cycle of things. The problem comes when, in a society in which we live, it is power only the new, the young, recency, denostando thus a natural process of life where you can take a healthy life and practiced with awareness .

Therefore, “Mindfulness for older” is a good example of how, from the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness, older people can exercise the art of presence, to improve their quality of life.

Live fully and illusion is possible when we talk about mindfulness for seniors.

This is what shows us Maria Teresa, a professor of Hatha Yoga , specializing in Dru Yoga, Yoga for pregnant and Mindfulness in this book; a manual and simple guide that serves as a good accompaniment to all seniors who want to promote a new change in their way of seeing life.

With a preface by Eline Snel, author of “Breathe” or “calm and attentive like a frog” and a foreword by Fernando A.Torrijos at the beginning stating that “Everyone has the right to be happy and there are clear ways to achieve it , the book “mindfulness for elderly” a journey through the simple explanation of what we mean by mindfulness and gives a good account of a generous package of practices of mindfulness for the elderly, focusing rather on the skills of older rather than their limitations .

In the book we also found many practices of mindfulness for the elderly in everyday life , because that is precisely; able to exercise the mindfulness practices at any time in our daily work.

That is something that, in all ages, try to show from Plenacción every day and in the workshops and seminars I teach.

There is nothing unusual, meditation is not isolated from the world , practicing mindfulness is not depart from reality, but off our autopilot wisdom to deal with the challenges of life and be more aware of the present moment.

In “mindfulness for older” you will also find, of course, some yoga practices since the author is an expert in the field.

Ultimately, whether you are an older person, like a or a professional in the care of older people, as if this topic interests you, I recommend this good manual along with “The Art of Aging” form a good duo to make us see that in any period of our life, happiness and serenity possible.

You just need to get to realize that what is extraordinary in the everyday.

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