What it is to be a good leader and lead

What is being a good leader to lead these times of change, begins with the challenge of knowing what you want, how you want and when you want. What is being a good leader is to ask whether it is better to lead Liderarte after your first.

Everything changes, almost nothing remains in these times that run, and new challenges, problems, but also new possibilities need new ways to find solutions to new problems and utopias which, though new, they still also have a thread with ability to push the path to the new time.

Lead. That’s one of the main keys to any organization that involves setting goals for a human group, and what is to be a good leader is the big question. The need for new models of leadership in line with the historical moment we live is becoming prevalent in this changing world as life itself.

Mindfulness, conscious practice of mindfulness in the present moment, has much to say to new forms of leadership. Mindfulness has the great answer to know what being a good leader. Improve the lives of those around us driving change by example, ethical commitment and strength of serenity, should be the basis of all people who have the determination to “pull the wagon” of their groups and organizations.

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The need for a broad vision, be proactive, the clear intention toward which you walk with determination and motivation, know where you want to go, look to go to achieve personal and collective goals. Persistence, proactivity to avoid being carried away by the emotions of the moment, to have global vision, great internal motivation and clarity of mind even if reality does not accompany, be aware of what you want, rooted in reality looking at the goals from the present moment adjusting and reorienting and live with meaning and inner well-being, should be mandatory guidelines for the new leadership of the XXI century. Those are the little big challenges to recognize what being a good leader.

It should be clear, you can not lead others if we are not able to drive our own lives and we can not direct the activity of a group, an organization, a project if we can not do with our own lives and we can not hear if we are not able to listen to ourselves. It is impossible to motivate others if we are not able to automotivarnos, is that true leadership begins with liderarse oneself. How to be versus how to do.

When I talk about leadership Mindfulness, I do it through the 4 ways:

-the way mirror. Through that we know ourselves. Become aware of how we are, what we want to be, we want to do and we want to have (be-do-have).

-the path of responsibility. Assuming the actions committed decision. Assuming all risks inherent in those decisions. Try or not to try … but I do !!

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-the path of action. Crises are times of change. When a patient is in crisis because it leaves or stops. Non – stop, action must be constant and conscious. For example, in the absence of work, we must be aware that not stand … ‘is being unemployed for others !! And the tone is very different and important.

-the way of Here and Now . The past was and the future is yet to be written. Leading the present moment is that because life happens while you think about yesterday or tomorrow walk through.

4-way on which to base the actions of the new leadership for this new century. New ways of being and doing for new leadership based on the presence in the here and now. 4 ways to find the key to what is being a good leader and lead.

(Article published on the web http://www.ahoraempresas.com the 09/11/2013)

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