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Is yoga good for men?

Is yoga good for men? 5


In addition to women’s basketball players and footballers, they are currently also boxers like Laila Ali, daughter of Muhammad Ali, and Regina Halmich, who popularized women’s boxing in Europe. There are also mixed martial artists such as Amanda Núñez, Holly Holm and Ronda Rousey.

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Is yoga good for men? 6


While women have been breaking the barriers that have kept them out of these sports disciplines, men have been a bit slower to break the barriers that have prevented them from enjoying and benefiting from healthy activities such as Zumba and Yoga, which in Many places are still practiced predominantly by women.

Therefore, men do not usually enjoy the benefits that this type of exercise and healthy lifestyle can offer them.

However, this is something that must be rectified so, here are several reasons that can encourage men to practice yoga:

Provides greater flexibility

Is yoga good for men? 7

Times are changing, now women are doing all the sports that were once reserved for men.

Staying flexible is good at any age, but as you get older, it is an aspect that becomes more important. Many men tend to be rigid and move like people of much older age. One of the biggest benefits is to notice how flexibility increases.

Evident improvement of respiratory and cardiac health

All people want to keep breathing and make sure their hearts are healthy. For this reason, the American Heart Association recommends that yoga be practiced.

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“Hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle for the heart, it is really possible that following a yoga-based exercise model helps to help prevent or completely reverse heart disease,” says M. Mala Cunningham , Ph.D. psychologist adviser and founder of Cardiac Yoga.

Yoga counteracts the negative effects of other physical activities preferred by men

Some men enjoy playing racquetball games, while others prefer golf. When performing these activities, the column tends to rotate constantly in one direction. Yoga helps balance and balance, using postures that keep the spine flexible.

Yoga promotes weight loss and tones muscles

In a study by the Journal of Alternative Medicine, overweight men who practiced yoga lost four pounds in 10 days. Yoga decreases the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone that causes your body to accumulate belly fat.

Yoga can relieve chronic low back pain

There is nothing more miserable (and ruin your sex life faster) than a backache. Like most men today, many must spend a large number of hours sitting in front of a computer, due to a highly sedentary / static work routine.

By doing this for a long time, the muscles tighten, reduce and chronic back pain is the pitiful result. Yoga not only relieves back pain in the lower area, but also helps with fibromyalgia, osteoporosis and other types of chronic muscle disease.

Yoga is an ally to reduce levels of stress, anxiety and depression

Yoga uses a combination of physical poses, controlled breathing and relaxation techniques that have been proven to be important factors in lowering blood pressure and heart rate.

This contributes to modulate the stress response, which “is related to the development of many diseases.”

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Similarly, studies have shown that yoga also plays a vital role in mental health, helping with the management of anxiety and depression.

Yoga can improve your sex life

Both increased libido and improved sexual performance have been linked to regular yoga practice. In a 2010 study, conducted among men aged 24 to 60 years, it was shown that yoga was a vital component in the high performance of sexual function in men.

The breathing techniques and concentration taught in yoga routines can help men better channel their sexual energy; therefore it is a more than healthy option to improve in this area.

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