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Intervertebral hernia: how to regain flexibility and health

Intervertebral hernia: how to regain flexibility and health 3

Many believe that the intervertebral hernia occurs only in older or sedentary people. Unfortunately, very often the practice of yoga, dancers and gymnasts are forced to stop training because of the appearance of protrusions and hernias. What is a hernia, and is it possible to fully restore the health of the spine YogaSecrets.ru told yogaterapevt Egor Kulakovskii.

What is intervertebral hernia

Intervertebral hernia (extrusion) – a type of degenerative disease of the intervertebral discs.
Disks are cartilage, collagen structures help a person hold the weight vertically and perform movement in this position.

With age, with the weakening of the muscles, cartilage structure have to bear a heavy load, causing them to stiffen, become drier.
The first stage of development of a herniated disc – low back pain. At this stage, changes in the structure of the drive is not considered a disease. The weakening of the muscles, the coarsening of the disc has a protective function, because of the musculoskeletal system is necessary to ensure that walking upright and hold the entire structure of the body, regardless of the state of the muscular system. But losing elasticity, going gets tough, the intervertebral disc is starting to crumble. Fibrous ring holding disc content is stretched, deformed, and sometimes broken, forming a hernia.

Stages of development of a herniated disc:

  • bulging annulus fibrosus 2-3 millimeters (prolapse stage)

  • increase up to 4-6 millimeters protrusion (protrusion step),

  • gap annulus fibrosus, with partial hit contents disc nucleus into the spinal canal (step hernia).

Causes and risk factors

Age and the aging structure of the intervertebral discs, as has been said above is one of the factors in the emergence of a hernia.
But this disease occurs in young people, including those who lead an active lifestyle.

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Constant axial load on the spine, such as running, jumping may increase the risk of hernia.
Heavy compression of the intervertebral discs when lifting heavy and often provokes a hernia. The reasons may also include prolonged sitting, promotes muscle hyperinflation along the spine, which protect the integrity of the intervertebral discs. Sometimes even dance, gymnastics, incorrect yoga practice and a sharp movement in everyday life can provoke rupture of the fibrous ring and hernia.

timely diagnosis

Most people know about the state of his spine is very small.
Rarely, who, faced with back pain, immediately decides to see a doctor and make a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). A recurrent back pain in a third of cases, it is caused by a herniated disc.

When the pain in any spine is best to consult with a specialist.
At the stage of prolapse and disc protrusion restore health rather easily. But also on the stage of the hernia, with regular work, you can achieve seam rupture of the fibrous ring. The neglect of the existing problems usually leads to a deterioration of the situation.

Hernia can not manifest itself.
In this case, if you’re going to do some kind of extreme sport, acrobatics, or go to the advanced yoga class as a beginner is better to pre-check the condition of the spine, to avoid possible injury.

Yogaterapiya against hernia

If you are diagnosed with “intervertebral hernia”, instead of the practice of yoga in the general classroom is better to give preference to individual sessions with yogaterapevtom.

Yogaterapiya system involves individually tailored simple exercises that will strengthen the desired muscle groups, relieve painful cramps.
A hernia can occur in different parts of the spine and for each department in yogaterapii used different methods and approaches. But common to yogaterapevticheskoy gymnastics is a gentle exercise regime, the absence of limit loads and the “sport” oriented approach to a quick result.

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the rate of recovery depends on the initial state of the disease and regular sessions with yogaterapevtov.
The ideal mode is to alternate meetings with yogaterapevtom and individual lessons at home: that is, one day – yogaterapii class, the next day – the repetition exercises at home. The duration of employment shall be not less than 15-20 minutes, with time, can be up to an hour for the strengthening of muscles. Often, after a course of yogaterapii person can go into a general class. Hernia “shrinks” and in its place formed a scar. For the complete recovery may take three months to a year.

miracle of recovery

When yogaterapevty tell of the many examples of complete recovery of hernias, and doctors shows MRI images, which show how the hernia is reduced and then disappears completely, it would be desirable to cry enthusiastically that yogaterapiya work wonders.
But hunched by a spasm of the patient is separated from the flexible, strong and healthy person is not a “miracle”, and not “luck”, and many hours of hard training their own, full of will and determination.

Taking the decision to completely recover from a hernia, it is important to be aware of their responsibility for the result.
Experienced yogaterapevt, modern knowledge, quality diagnostics will not be effective without their own hard work.

Be healthy!


On the practice with herniated the Y ogaSecrets.ru told Yegor Kulakovskii.

Egor Kulakovskii: Experience in practice for 15 years, teaching experience of 8 years. Graduate yoga and fitness programs (HGAFK) practicing yoga

-terapevt. Member and Speaker of the annual conference “Practical Yogaterapiya” (St. Petersburg), the founder of the Yoga Temple studio

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