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Kundalini yoga

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Kundalini means “collapsed ring”, “folded in the shape of a snake. According to the ancient Indian medicine Ayurveda and yogis, Kundalini energy source located at the base of the spine around the sacrum, or at the base of the trunk. Symbolically depicted as a serpent coiled three and a half turns sleeping at the base of the spine (muladhara- Chakra). Kundalini yogi advances so high, so it is capable of, and as soon as it touches any lotus or chakra, her head before facing down, turns up. Leaving each chakra, or Padma, is on its way up, it suspends the functions of the center, resulting in their latent, dormant state; This continues for as long as it does not reach the “thousand-petalled lotus” in the crown of the head, standing above all the six chakras, and there it enjoys the perfect life.

Kundalini Yoga is not a Hatha yoga asanas but uses classical yoga. The peculiarity of the use of asanas in Kundalini yoga is a combination with dynamic elements, as well as the often intense breathing techniques. All exercises of Kundalini Yoga are combined in special facilities – kriya (the word “Kriya” means “action”) and are arranged in a very specific order. Each exercise is carried out a fixed time with simultaneous concentration and certain breathing. Before the training is given to setting a class using the initiating mantra. After Kriya followed by relaxation and meditation.

To Kundalini yoga does not require any special training, as
training takes place in the course of practice. Not require long-term efforts in anticipation of the results – the effect can be felt in the very first lesson. As with any yoga system, it consists of several, harmoniously combines elements: postures (
asana ), a special way of breathing ( pranayama ), sound vibration ( mantra ), gestures ( mudra ) and the muscle locks ( Bandha ), and certain types of concentration. As a result, knowledge of Kundalini Yoga strengthens the immune system, increases the flexibility of the spine, acute intuition, increased sexual activity, fully manifested the ability to see and appreciate the beauty of nature.

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The structure of the lesson Kundalini yoga mainly includes:

  • setting using manthras singing;

  • warm-up, preparing the body and mind to the main complex;

  • the main complex –
    Kriya , aimed at a certain effect on the body and mind;

  • relaxation – 10 minutes;

  • meditation aimed at certain effect;

  • the completion of the class with the mantra chanting.


Who can practice Kundalini Yoga : practicing this style can do everything, but this style of yoga will like creative types, we are constantly engaged in the search for himself. For those looking for exercise, Kundalini Yoga can seem boring.


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Kundalini Yoga.


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