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How do I raise kundalini energy?

How do I raise kundalini energy? 3

How to raise kundalini energy

Kundalini is a powerful energy that silently sleeps in every human being and is part of the esoteric body. To raise it, specific intention and exercises are needed.

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How do I raise kundalini energy? 4


It is said that the kundalini energy lives at the base of the spine and contains the libidinal energy of the body, which is why it is very often associated with orgasm and sexual pleasure. Actually, when it rises, kundalini helps in the process of illumination, and also regulates the vital energy.

The energy of kundalini  promotes and helps the spiritual advance of the person and awakens the psychic powers. These beliefs and practices related to kundalini come from Hinduism and Buddhism.

Raising the kundalini can be a very intense experience and it is advisable not to accelerate this process because it can be too much for the individual. It is best to take your time, and be patient with the exercises and experiences to raise the kundalini. Some people report negative reactions such as hallucinations, anxiety  and paranoia, after elevating the kundalini inappropriately or hastily.

Begin by balancing all  the chakras , before awakening the kundalini-which is concentrated mostly around the root chakra. This will make it better able to withstand the sudden ray of kundalini energy, which is quite powerful.

Elevate your kundalini energy

Spend time in nature – Direct contact with the energies of the planet nourishes the kundalini energy and the entire esoteric body.

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The earth has a burden and you can absorb it and benefit from it. Walk rest by sand or grass, for example. Swim in the ocean or in a river.


Kundalini energy lives at the base of the spine and channels sexual energy from this chakra.

Raise your thoughts – Start by becoming aware of what you think at every moment and raise the mental level, cultivating gratitude, forgiveness and mercy.

Properly process any emotion related to rabies. It is not about denying these emotions or blocking them, but about letting them flow and not staying in them. Program your mind to see the positive in each situation.

Say no to temptation – As part of the process of raising your body and mind, it is important that you learn to control your impulses and not get carried away by temptations. It is not about being a saint, but about focusing mental and physical energy on high activities that do not fill you with low emotions or toxins.

Exercise your hips and back – Whether with dancing or yoga, put your body in motion. Moving the hips, especially, will help raise the kundalini.

Purify your body -For the Kundalini energy can rise, it is important that the body is pure of toxins. Begin by cleaning your diet, preferably free of animal flesh and filled in natural and organic food. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and drugs. I drank water.

Get massage – Work your muscles and promote circulation with a professional massage. Do Yoga . Kundalini and Hatha yoga will help you prepare your body and mind for the awakening of the kundalini.

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Practice tantric sex – This  millennial practice is a great help in channeling this energy.

Meditate more often -The meditation  and visualization help channel energy but above all to purify the mind, which is essential to raise the kundalini energy.

Signs that the kundalini energy is rising

  • Receiving divine messages or answers to concerns
  • Feeling more energy
  • Balance of sexual impulses
  • Increased attention or awareness of issues or situations that previously ignored
  • Greater interest in esoteric and spiritual themes
  • Listen to music or sounds of nature in your head
  • See rays or flashes of light with eyes open or closed
  • Sudden changes in body temperature
  • Tingling sensation in the body, especially moving

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