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Connect Lovingly with your Inner Child and Enjoy Life | 3


When we were babies, we lived fully in the present moment and we expressed everything felt. If we were hungry, we cried. We never think: “What a shame with my parents, I’m complaining a lot.” But if something occurred grace we had no doubt in releasing the most natural and spontaneous laughter that we could have at every stage of our lives.

Pursuant we grew we were taught directly or indirectly we should go quieting our needs, not everything revolved around us, we should be patient to attend to us and much more like that. Although many of them have been important to our training, others simply have us focus on an opposite sense to our happiness. Maybe we were putting too many limits on the time to explore our surroundings and enjoy life with incessant orders (usually with good intention) as: “Do not do that, stay still, it hurts you, all that is bad, if you follow so you’re going to hurt, put care, people are bad, the world is bad, stay quiet, it does not say that … “then we learned to live through fear and defensiveness or conversely, perhaps raised we were based on a perspective on the other end: “Do what best pleases you, you experience it for yourself so that you learn and make you strong, I do not care about the consequences of your behavior, beyond you, look to see how you do If you fall out of bed, assured that the soil does not pass … “and was slowly losing the referent, was lost the north, while left feeling a certain way the absence and lack of” shelter “by parents. In both cases, the concept of happiness atrophies, either as a seemingly unhealthy or as something that is wasted adrift and irresponsibly. And while the concept is distorted, everything is made based on this causes difficulties in personal growth and development in any area.

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The truth is that your parents or teachers have always done the best they could to the knowledge and resources they have counting. Without being their intention, maybe you’ve been hurt, perhaps have limited the expression of your being and have planted, without realizing obstacles in your happiness and enjoyment of life. More now, you have the ability to choose how to how to live each of your experiences, how to how to perceive them and how to address them.

You need to re-connect with love with the inner child that lies in your being, ask what you need, what makes him happy, what need has been met and what not, what wounds maintained over time and show fully prepared to heal him with patience, understanding and wisdom. You also need to tell him you love him always and under all circumstances, you’ll be aware of your being, which is a “good” child learning and has the right to feel and think for himself.

You need to contact you again with your inner child what most enjoy, regardless of the trials that may have received for it by others. You need to re-experience the urge to laugh intensely by the grace that will produce the simplest things in life such as: the refreshing shower, despeinándote wind, the ant has settled in your hand making you feel tickling, hot drink and comforting to cold, comfortable pillow where you rest, the sweet melody that you tune, etc.

Choose from today back to enjoy the colors of life, not everything is black and is white, there is an exquisite variety of possibilities and ways to create. Concentrate on now, remembering that the past no longer can change (just the way we perceive it) and that the future is uncertain, which has not yet come, so you can only act in the present, that is your gift to exist . Learn to hear the voice of your heart that reminds you of the most honest way the deep desires of your soul. You can do this meditation one of the most important habits of your life, starting to relax your body and mental silence. Only quieting your persistent thoughts laden with judgments and ‘should’ inoficiosos, it can be noticed your voice more genuine and real, that makes you see your greatness, one that acclaims for your unconditional self-love, one that encourages you to continue and believe in your abilities.

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For this purpose, you can help to be in the greatest possible amount of time in direct contact with the natural landscape in a contemplative act because it is in those moments where more possibly mental noises dissipate and the voice of the heart flourishes in an environment of peace and a state of serenity.

The voice of happiness is the voice of the child’s heart lies in you, the one who dreams, laughing, enjoying, loving, who sees everything good in every situation, who builds castles in the sand, one that is fun with what you have, who expresses what he feels, he who does not know to criticize, that with unflagging spirit that persists to see their wishes come true.

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