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What are the meditation techniques for opening the third eye?

What are the meditation techniques for opening the third eye? 3

The opening of the third eye

It’s hard to believe, but every person has a third eye. Nevertheless, not everyone can boast of the fact that this body is sufficiently developed. The desire to open the third eye is present at many, but consider: this process should be well prepared:

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What are the meditation techniques for opening the third eye? 4


Meditation of the third eye is the technique of opening the third eye

Opening the third eye is a complicated process. It is necessary to think, but has man matured for the discovery of such a mysterious side of life? After all, many people want to look beyond the brutal physical world, only guessing that it is in the invisible world.

Each hypothesis is interesting, but it is most likely that there are at least two parallel worlds on our planet. Only select people can observe the beings independent of us who live and develop in a different dimension.

There are quite a few special techniques or meditations for opening the third eye. Use them at your own discretion and in any order.

Meditation on a burning candle:

  1. After sunset, in the evening or at night, place the candle at arm’s length from the eyes. Try to see as much as possible the “aura” of the candle flame. With each day, as the third eye opens, the flame you see will begin to increase in size;
  2. Blow out the candle, relax and close your eyes. Before your eyes are closed, colors will start to change – red, green, purple and so on;
  3. Continue to observe the colors until they completely disappear. Try not to think about extraneous things:
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Meditation on a burning candle

Doing this exercise for a month, you will improve:

  • Visual acuity;
  • The work of the pituitary gland is a special organ of the brain responsible for concentration of attention and paranormal perception;
  • Develop intuition and clairvoyance;
  • The pineal gland with this exercise is activated and produces a hormone of youth – melatonin. Thanks to the presence of melatonin, a person can keep youth for many years!

Meditation “All-Seeing Eye”

Draw on the left palm of your hand with markers, eyes, an iris of any color and a black icon in the middle:

Meditation "All-Seeing Eye"

  1. Sitting in the Padmasan pose, raise your hand to the level of the eyes;
  2. Quietly, without blinking, but without straining your eyes, look at the image;
  3. Breathing, send energy from the third eye to the eye drawn in the palm of your hand;
  4. Exhale, imagine how the energy from the depicted eye enters your third eye;
  5. At the end of the session, calmly close your eyes.

Practice of opening the third eye

The human brain processes information with the help of nervous highly organized cells. But not every one of us uses his brain as a receiver of energy. Such energies are comparable in their frequencies to brain energies, therefore, working with energy fields with higher frequencies, the brain is able to function as a receiver of energy.

It is thanks to the presence of the brain that a person does not dissolve, as a person, in an external information field. Evolving, the personality manifested itself as part of the cosmic consciousness. It developed for a long time, adapting itself to the ability to exist independently.

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After the development of the individuality and the information matrix, the human brain can be defocused. Thanks to such processes, a person is different from other individuals, connecting with a common information field, but not losing his personality.

With the help of the senses we carry out actions aimed at ensuring our life. However, there are mages of the third level – clairvoyants, who are completely on providing the planet. That is why the behavior of an ordinary person for them is already incomprehensible, because they cooperate with information flows of energies.

The opening of the third eye

The brain of the clairvoyant is already becoming so complex that it is no longer possible to use it for a simple individual, since such a brain is already changing reality itself.

Thus, the opening of the third eye is a direct evolutionary path. But you should be prepared for the fact that as the third eye opens, everything that surrounds you will change. Since with the opening of the third eye the “rules of the game” become different, the aspirations of the personality change radically. The zone of responsibility is changing, and also the system of goals.

By what signs can you determine the opening of the third eye?

Activation of the mystical third eye awakens the power of the person kundalini shakti, and also the possibility of clairvoyance.

If a person has a third eye:

  • He sees clear, memorable dreams in which he clearly understands himself;
  • A person can easily navigate with blindfolded eyes;
  • The intuition of such a person is well developed;
  • Man is able to predict events that soon come true;
  • There is an ability to read other people’s thoughts, and also to influence the physical condition of those present.
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By such criteria it can be judged that a person has a third eye. It should be taken into account: there are many more signs, and for a certain person the opening of the third eye can manifest itself in different ways.

The most common signs of opening the third eye:

  • Headaches that are given to the interbrother zone;
  • The appearance of unexpectedly bright dreams;
  • The presence of one or more of the features described above.

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