We talked a lot about the benefits of meditation (it helps relieve chronic pain and stress, “reboot”, improve brain function), and in this post we give one more argument in its favor: meditation helps to work more productively.

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A recent study conducted at the University of Washington showed that meditation teaches workers to concentrate better, helps keep more working parts in their heads, remain energetic and less exposed to negative emotions.

The study involved 3 groups of 12-15 participants. The first group for 8 weeks practiced meditation, the second – relaxation of the body, the third group was a control, they led a habitual way of life.

After 8 weeks, participants checked the speed and accuracy of their work, as well as the ability to multitask. They also checked memory and stress level of the participants.

The first group surpassed all. Their memory improved, they were more attentive and less stressed. The third group began to practice meditation 8 weeks after the first group. After the beginning of regular meditations, they also began to notice a decrease in the level of stress. The group that practiced relaxation, strangely enough, did not become more relaxed at work.

Practice meditation is recommended to devote a few hours a week, but even 2 minutes a day will help you achieve results.

Meditation can make you feel good, natural and full of life.

Meditation can make you feel good, natural and full of life.

Can you imagine a good and natural feeling and full of life? Imagine how it would feel like to feel calm and centered no matter what your circumstances may be. Imagine having more energy while engaging in everything you do and feeling ever more connected in your life each day, breathing by breathing.

Having taught meditation for over thirty years, I can say that it is the single most important thing you have ever learned in order to accelerate and strengthen your spiritual life. Everything you learn in school by analysis or by study will be deeply explained because you meditate.

Meditation will affect how you organize your thoughts and how you develop your personal philosophy. It will affect how you appreciate art or poetry or good conversation. This is because everything is energy and vibration, and since everything is energized, every part of your life will be affected. Meditation helps you reach the inner world of knowing. It’s like having a magic carpet and you can go anywhere at any time in any area.

Many benefits of meditation.

Scientific studies have shown that what has been known for a long time – a meditation task. It is a quick stress releaser. It speeds recovery and healing and reduces pain. It lowers your blood pressure and gives you more energy, more stamina, and quicker response. It improves memory and increases the ability to concentrate. In general, you will become more mentally and emotionally balanced. Anxiety and depression, pain relief and creativity. It also helps in all forms of addiction recovery.

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Meditation will teach you to connect with yourself and tap into the limitless potential in you. You will feel refreshed and renewed. Through this step, the relationship becomes enriched and complementary. The work becomes inspirational and you will begin to discover the potential of your own positive growth. The list goes on and on. It is a whole new way of being.

Meditation gives you the present mood in your life. It’s like a living magazine: you know where you are. Open your heart You learn to accept appreciation and compassion without trying. By staying connected to yourself and your inner well, you reduce your stress levels and you are always relaxing to improve your overall health. It affects every area of ​​your life, from work to your relationship.

Plug into a source of energy.

It’s like plugging into a source of energy: you begin to feel and discover your direction in life and even the purpose of your life. (There are many of you know) You see the feeling and know yourself in a way that will change and delight you – easily. Best of all, start the transition and you will begin to see that you have all the time you need and want in order to take the next step in your life. Keep you relaxed

And the good thing about it is that it is easy. It is a simple way of perceiving that it only takes a few minutes per day. It’s a little quick-tuned after you can see how you check in with yourself, admire it now, and have a little life all the big because you just stop for a moment and breath and

Meditation is also ancient.

Meditation is as old as the hills and has been used for eons to center and arrange itself for a very meaningful life. It’s like a hammer and a nail: what you can use every day to get known results which will work when you use it.

Meditation is an ancient discipline designed to help you learn to offer more in your life. It is an art that is experienced, something that we keep growing, discovering, unraveling and expanding to learn more deeply, the magnificent difference between thinking and consciousness.

Imagine being grounded and thin, and creative and free, and so on and so on. These are just a part of what you will learn and experience when you start your meditation practice.

What is meditation?

If all of your parts might say to you, what would it say?

Meditation is a state of mindfulness. It is an increase that when nurtured and maintained, grows strong and continuous, like the old big oak tree. You can count on it.

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Every time you meditate, it is as if you are building a first class mountain at the time. Meditation is like a layer; Once it is shelved down, it becomes a permanent part of your landscape. It is a collector. When you meditate again, you add another layer to your mountain. You keep getting stronger and stronger. Although there are gaps of many years in your meditation practice, this class break does not disappear. It’s your right to leave it. You just choose where you left off. Normally, it will grow in some parts of itself too.

Meditation: It’s more spiritual.

Meditation is a discipline of mind mixed with a spirit that teaches concentration and focus. It brings clarity to every area of ​​your life. It broadens your view, opens your mind to new ideas and lets you feel free.

Meditation improves memory and increases productivity.

Sometimes we associate with prayer, and of course it is this too. Meditation is a spiritual discipline that enhances our spiritual connection. In the earliest recorded teachings, thousands of people of the year, it was said. Meditation is the sedation of the mind in silence . This is the truth, and also to meditate, not to be silent, mentally or thoughtless, or to think less. It is filled with the mind full of mind without attachment, no judgment.

Know the growth deep inside you and always be there for you. It’s always there It is instant breath. We do not separate from our perception. It is an endless continuity of eternal love and appreciation that has ever existed, ever loved. All we have to do is open it. It’s there If we ever lack connection, it is just because we have disconnected ourselves. And that’s all right. All you have to do is choose again. As we choose again, we will connect immediately and often. And one of the easiest ways to connect through meditation.

You have been meditating without knowing it.

There are many opportunities in your own life, you have been in a blistering state and not much is known about it. Meditation is the quality of consciousness, the height of awareness, acute awareness, and the more complete use of your sensory perception.

If you ever get a walk and while you walk, notice a birdcall and a little change of wind and the tempo of your footsteps balance to your breath – then you are in meditation.

If you stare at the sunset and the time seems to stop, this is meditation. If you’ve ever moved by the sound of a singer’s voice and your heart is excited, or you feel the expansion in your body is leaping, dancers and seem to be sliding into the air during the time you are meditating – and over. When you remember who you are

Whenever you are fully present, and every part of you is awake, then the sparkle in your loved one’s eyes or touch or meditation prayer becomes.

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If all of your parts might say to you, what would it say? It does not involve the details of something or even the effect of planning. It will say to you that you are good at what you value, that you love beyond what you can imagine. It will say that fresh, big, manifest your dreams. Risks are love again and again – and again and again . And it will be told in a thousand ways a moment. All really well .

Meditation is easy.

Meditation is as simple as breathing.

Meditation is easy. You can do it right now, where are you? It’s a simple way of perceiving that it only takes a few minutes every day. It’s not a secret or a mystery. It is your natural origin as a human being. It is as easy as breathing and one of the most effective techniques in the middle. You will find it easier than ever to think and respond as deeply.

Meditation is an old age practice that quiets the mind and helps our inner spirit to shine through our lives. The impact of meditation unfolds over time. It is a matter of our increasing awareness, our conscious focus, and we know the spirit.

Meditation creates a foundation that allows you to know yourself deeply – your true self is your part of being eternal. It allows the full potential of your soul to express itself in your life.

Meditation will help you become self-aware – be aware of where you are actually in your deepest essence. In meditation, you arrive at a state of awareness where you consciously recognize the link between your personality and your spirit. Meditation aligns the two parts separately, so they become one and act as one. This is called the consistent – bridge of consciousness between self and spirit.

Choosing to have a waking life

The path to itself is an alternative. It is a continuous decision to live your life as true and possible love. Every time you sit down to meditate, you choose to live a waking life.

Meditation reveals beauty beyond words. By transforming within, we discover the world of knowledge and the rich inner bounty we know. We discover that we are more than what we seem; We are better – far more – than what we have believed ourselves to be.

At our core, we find ourselves with the simplicity and clarity of pure love. Helping this love to shine more vividly throughout our lives is to avoid our direct effects and meditation practices. We are the director of our own growth; It is always us who choose how open we are to know within us. Always know within us. It does not hesitate or vary. The flow of our soul is fixed. All we have to do is open it.