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How Can I Improve My Mental Speed?

How Can I Improve My Mental Speed? 5

After starting work, I always feel that my mood is still on vacation and I cannot concentrate on it? In addition to trying to concentrate his work on his work, he may wish to use his yoga moves to make him mentally stable and pay attention to it.

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How Can I Improve My Mental Speed? 6


Breathing exercises

This breathing method allows the body to quickly heat up, stretch the arm to drive the spine up, can increase the heart and lung function; stretch the chest ribs, pay attention to listen to breathing, can affect the central nervous system, so that the spirit of focus.

Cross-legged on the upright spine, stretch the stomach and close the stomach. Hands hold open the palm of your hand and close your eyes.

Exhale quickly and use your hands to make a quick fist, and receive chest height down.

After 10 repetitions, people who have just practiced will feel dizzy and can relax their spirits with their eyes closed.

Vertical balance

This yoga action allows the concentration of mental energy, training the power of one foot, and increase the stability of the abdominal core, allowing the hip joint and the spine to extend, and making the mind more stable and focused.

Feet on the heels of the feet, standing upright, hands on hips.

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Raise your right foot, grab the right foot ankle with your right hand, and move your left foot to your thigh.

The foot of the right foot is stepped on the inner side of the left leg thigh. If you cannot step on such a high person, you can step on the part closer to the knee below and put your hands together to stabilize the whole body.

Keep the hips and back in a straight line. Stretch the palm of your hand and stretch your arms upward. Feel your body to extend upwards. Leave it for about 5 deep breaths and put it down for another leg.

When standing straight, be careful not to bend buttocks, it is easy to cause the pelvis to lean forward.

How Can I Improve My Mental Speed? 7


The same training is performed on the one-footed balance and the concentrated mental posture, but the strength of the stomach stability is stronger, which can enhance the stability of the concentration and balance of mind.

Bring your feet together and your body straight up. Stretch your arms upwards. Hold the palm of your hand and extend your index finger. Feel to the sky.

Tilt your body forward, lift your right foot back and keep your body in balance.

Raise your right foot and keep it parallel to the ground. Keep straight from your hips to your toes. Tilt your body forward so that your face is facing the floor. You can’t make it parallel to the ground. You can lean forward to your own angle, but keep your fingers The heel is a straight line, stay for about 5 deep breaths and change to the other side.

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At Step 3, be careful not to let the pelvis and raised paws curl out.

Cat style

The cat type can stretch the lower back, stabilize the position of the pelvis, increase the concentration and balance, and pay attention to the operation of the stomach to adduction, to avoid the lumbar spine and the spine to fall down, feel the power from the lower back extension to the spine, and maintain a stable breathing.

On all fours, knees open wide and hips wide and tiptoe picked up, hands palms to the ground.

Straighten your right foot back and raise your toes to straighten your body in a straight line.

After exhaling, bring your right foot inward to your chest and straighten your instep. Lower your head down to feel your knees.

Once again, straighten your right leg, but at the same time, straighten your left hand forward, keep the extended hand and foot parallel to the ground, stretch your back, return to your limbs and change your left heel and right hand.

Both the left and right legs are retracted, and the feet are closed together. The buttocks sit on the heel, straighten the instep and stick to the ground, the upper body leaning forward to the knee, and straighten your hands forward to adjust their breathing.

Side waist extension

It can strengthen the sense of balance on the left and right sides of the body. The operation is smooth when the operation is performed, and the operation of the breath is not stopped. The stomach is held in force and concentrated on one’s fingertips and toes.

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After lying on the floor, the upper body is straight, hands on hips, stretch out the right foot to the right, and let the foot step forward on the floor.

After stabilizing the body, lift your hands upwards and put your index finger together. Feeling that the body is extending upwards.

After inhaling, the body is bent on the right hand side, and the face looks to the upper left. Be careful not to lean forward or backward, but try to bend sideways to your right leg.

After changing his right hand into an akimbo, the upper body is tossed to the left, allowing the left hand to stay on the ground.

With the left hand and left knee supported on the ground, the right foot raised parallel to the ground, and the right hand extended upwards. The sight line stopped at the fingertips and breathed. After returning to the knees, the operation was changed.

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