How developed is Your Intuition? Check it Now!

How developed is Your Intuition? Check it Now! 5

Results Intuicion Silva Method

Have you ever wondered how you have developed your intuitive abilities?
Are you one of those who trust ciegamenta on logic and analytical thinking or you just go with your gut?

You can try this test that will allow you to understand how to make decisions in your daily life.

There are 4 levels of Intuition:

First level – Basic, “Intuition Survivorship”.
Second Level – Mild, “Social Intuition”.
Third level – Medium, “developed intuition”.

Fourth level – High, “Intuition Higher Purpose.”

This little quiz will help you determine what level of intuition you have now and what you can do to improve it.

So tell us how you do it and it was.

Test your intuition

Write your answers and calculates the result at the end of the questionnaire.

Possible answers:

Never, 1 point
Sometimes two points
often 3 points

1. You are a spontaneous person and you like to drift more to follow planned and organized in advance.
2. You make decisions based on your hunches, and you still do not matter at the time that takes sound illogical.
3. When you meet someone for the first time, forms an opinion on that person immediately
but then you make sure it is correct.
4. Have you had times when you invested successfully or won the lottery, basándote only your instincts.
5. You know what your mission and your purpose in life.
6. If you overlook a strong feeling that warns you about something you regret not listening to your intuition.
7. In your work you are able to make decisions with your intuition causing bewilderment of many.
8. You are able to make correct decisions, even when you do not have enough data.
How developed is Your Intuition? Check it Now! 69. You are a creative person and you usually have great ideas that you get excellent results.
10. You feel an inexplicable anxiety or arousal before any good or bad that you can not explain event occurs.
11.Tienes great ideas, seemingly out of nowhere, and it is best to create excellent results in your work and your life.
12. You feel when a loved one is suffering, even if you have not talked to him or do not know your problem.
13. Your friends think you’re clever.
14. You have taken important decisions based on a hunch, though contrary to what the experts say or your loved ones, and the vast majority were in right.
15. You feel when someone is lying to you or you’re telling the truth.
16. You happened to have had a premonition about an accident, death or catastrophe, and it finally happened.
17. If you do not know what to do, what choice to take or which way to go, you just sit and meditate
with full confidence that the right decision will appear.
18. You feel a strong connection with people you’ve never met or places where you’ve never been.
19. You’re a very compassionate person and you consider the emotions of people around you.
20. You ever happen that you have saved some miracle of strong danger.
21. You ever happen that I lost in an unfamiliar place, you found the right path by chance.

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That’s it, now, to add! What was your result?

There are 4 levels of intuition . Most people work on 1 or 2 levels.

We all have the ability to operate at the highest levels of intuitive.

If your score was 20 to 30: Level 1 – Basic, “Intuition Survivorship”.

At this level, your intuition is activated when your life is in danger, and helps you avoid the worst.

For example, after the terrorist attack in New York on September 11, a large number of people working
in the World Trade Center that day reported an inexplicable anxiety sentieron way to work.

60% to 70% of people experience this level of intuition.
If you ask your friends on some intuitive experience, most will tell you one related to prevention of danger history.

Although we are all born with intuition, most of us never consciously try to understand it and develop it .
And even if your intuition once “saved” from a dangerous situation is likely to follow without listening.

But do not despair! Never too late to start training your intuition.

And if you exercise you will find the enormous benefits that this gift has to give.

Results Intuicion Silva Method

If your score was 30 to 40: Level 2 – Mild, “Social Intuition”

You draw on your intuition, mainly in order to understand the feelings and emotions of the people close to you.
You’re a very compassionate person and empathize strongly the emotions of those around you.

People with this level of intuition are able to complete a sentence that began a close friend and can anticipate
when others are in danger,
as well as a mother feels when her baby is at risk.

This level of intuition is often given in a small number of people.
The intuition of this nature is very useful for leaders, family people or those who work for a common good.

And despite constantly use your intuition to better understand the people around you, you are ignoring a very important part
of intuition
that can help you improve other areas of your life.

If you develop your intuition, you will be able to move to a higher level and get a lot of benefits.
But if you keep ignoring this gift, it is very likely that eventually your intuitive powers will decline.

The good thing is to re- connect with your intuition is easy. You just need to do some exercise, learn to trust your inner voice and soon
see the benefits not only in personal relationships but also in your career, economic well – being and personal growth.

If your score was 40 to 50: Level 3 – Medium, “Intuition slightly overbuilt”

Thomas Edison once said:

“The ideas come from space. This may seem impossible and hard to believe but it’s true. Ideas come from outer space “.

Many scientists and inventors are at level 3 of intuition.
Think of the famous case of Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleyev, who have long worked in a single system that generalizes the properties of chemical elements.

When he began to sort all the information he could not place it in a single table.
Mendeleev worked without sleep for 3 days and 3 nights, but still could not get what he wanted. finally, tired, she lays down.

According to his biographers they tell Mendeleyev immediately fell asleep and had a dream:

“I see in dreams a table where elements are arranged as needed.
I woke up and immediately wrote down everything I saw. I just need to adjust my table once after that dream. “

(Mendeleev was a Russian chemist, creator of the periodic table.
When ordering the elements was carried away by two insights: altered order mass when necessary to sort them according to their properties
and dared to leave gaps, postulating . the existence of unknown elements so far Source: Wikipedia)

History is full of cases where intuition helped make a discovery or create a masterpiece of art.
Even in business there are examples of built business empires based on a single intuition.

If you are a person acting on level 3 of intuition, you are very in tune with what is happening around you , and this is a wonderful skill.
The ability to connect with your intuition helps you (you and your family) to move forward in life.

You’re probably using your intuition not only to communicate with your loved ones, but also at work,
using your sixth sense to solve problems, make important decisions or create something new.

People who have a Level 3 Intuición are very creative, successful business people, or masters of their craft.

If your score was 50 to 60: Level 4 – High, “Intuition Top View”

This is the most useful (and most incredible level) of intuition.
At this level, the subconscious mind works in your favor, constantly helping you move towards your life purpose.

People with this level of intuition are incredibly lucky in business even risky business investments in the stock market.

Take the case of Richard Branson – who in different companies working with more than 300 partners.
And yet, in his words, he is able to make the decision on whether or not associated with a person in the first minute of conversation with her.

If you’re at this level, you know that you can never ignore your inner voice that guides you through life.
You are aware of how important it is to develop and hone intuitive skills and listening.

It is likely to meditate every day, which helps you make important decisions in your life – whether in your personal relationships, business or health.

Always listen to your intuiciión and you know that everything you’ve accomplished is because of her.
You’re on your way to your higher purpose in life. Aware of your mission, you help make this world a better place.

Your subconscious mind is like a jet engine that leads to your life purpose. Congratulations!

As we tell in this Report, intuition is a gift we all have, just hear it some more than others.

And as the muscle of an arm improves when we started doing certain exercises, growing and hardening.
So it is with your intuition, you already have it you have to do is … practice!

If you want to train your intuition and take it to the highest level, comes here to start now

If you want to train your intuition and take it to the highest level, comes here to start now

And, what do you think? What was your result?
Compartelo and tell your friends, I assure you many answers may surprise you .