The First Chakra: functions and ways to activate it

Ways to activate the first chakra

Of the seven major chakras, the first is the one related to physical energy and desire to live.

It is known also as muladhara , chakra base, or root support; and it is located at the base of the spine, in the perineal area.

It is said that their musical note is the Sun, its color is red, his element Earth and sense touch. Its symbol is the lotus flower with four petals and represents the balance with the world, survival, safety and well-being … But is not everything.

And the first chakra is also the basis of self-esteem, which governs vital functions such as digestion, and which is related to the power to get rid of anything that does not serve us, whether physical, mental or emotional level.

If the first chakra is correctly activated and in harmony with others you become a stable, steady, positive, safe and loyal person.
But how do you know if your first chakra is functioning properly?

Need activate it? How? Coming up next, we tell you.



You need to activate the first chakra if …

Do you feel strong and incredible will to live? If so, then most likely the first chakra is open and functioning properly. When the root chakra is balanced you feel with a lot of energy to get everything you propose, you feel willing to pursue your dreams and achieve your goals, and feel vitality and an incredible desire to manifest everything you want. But not the case when the base chakra is out of balance. Then you feel weak, it costs you face the day, you tend to act as a base fear, and you try to get your power depending on others or things outside yourself. The first chakra is also related to several specific aspects of our physical and our emotions . Therefore, you will probably need harmonize if physically you have dry skin problems, eczema, anemia, body odor, obesity, pain in the lower back or menstrual cramps. It also has to do with frigidity, impotence, blood diseases, problems in the ovaries or uterus, herpes and swollen ankles. You are also likely need to harmonize the first chakra if emotionally you have problems with alcoholism, extreme sensitivity, excessive guilt and fears (see our video of sentences of mind to face the fear, you’ll like) behavior of passive aggressiveness, emotional lability , loneliness or drug addiction. Do you feel physical and mental fatigue? Are you extremely shy? Do you recognize yourself in any other item in the list? If something has listed everything to do with you, you are probably related to the first chakra. But it has a solution: learn how to harmonize and start enjoying a different way of seeing life.

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How to open the first chakra?

Did you know that meditation is an excellent way to balance your energy and feel in harmony with your mind and body? Did you also know that you can use all the potential you have slept to achieve anything you set your mind? If you want to know how we recommend you read our free lessons: they contain a lot of information that you will learn a lot of things you did not know about yourself and how to dramatically improve your life. But if you want are concrete results on the first of our energy centers, then you should know that there are a myriad of techniques to harmonize: from reiki as an alternative therapy to harmonize the seven chakras, to sports “risk” and through chromotherapy or gemotherapy. What choice goes with you? Read them and choose the one that best makes you feel. – Music Therapy. To activate the first chakra are ideal and accented monotone sounds such as the sounds of nature. There ‘s nothing like enjoying the surroundings, but if you can not hear “live” you can always opt for recorded audio. – playing sports. Sports that involve risk and physical effort are related to the first chakra. To balance, therefore you can practice sports like football, boxing, auto racing or skydiving. – Gemoterapia. Stone therapy is also an effective way to harmonize the root chakra option. Agate, for example, provides balance, endurance and reliability; It also helps to dissolve negative emotions, provide confidence and facilitate deliveries. Hematite gives endurance and strength, help in states of weakness and promotes a healthy formation of blood cells. Garnet, diamond, ruby, red coral, pearl or other precious jasper are to take into account when activating the first chakra through gemotherapy stones. – Yoga. Own different yoga postures can also help balance the first chakra. Crow posture, the tree, the warrior or defense will serve to it. – Cromoterapia. The color of the first chakra is red, so visualize the power and vitality that flows through you. Red warms, it enlivens and provides dynamism and vitality. You can dress in red, take with a garnet or ruby … There are thousands of ways that tune with that color that also helps to balance yourself with passion. – the reiki. To harmonize the chakras with reiki you must first get started on it, and anyone can do it. To do this we recommend you read our article “The reiki and chakra balancing” . – Aromatherapy. There are several related to the first chakra you can use to align aromas. One is the smell of clove spices, which helps dissolve blocked energy in the first chakra and brings transformation and renewal. Another is the cedar, which transmits tranquility and gives a sense of security. The scent of rose, jasmine and sandalwood stimulate circulation, reduce depression and generate heat. There are others to consider like the smell of rosemary, honey or flower known as Indian queen of the night. You see, there are many ways and techniques to achieve the first chakra is properly balanced. After reading all these options, which one do you prefer? Do you think that your first chakra is balanced or otherwise need to activate it ? And after learning more about the first chakra, do you dare to go one step further for greater health and vitality? Would you like to know more about turning the other chakras? Share with us your experiences???? 

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