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forest-868715_1920Already you identified how and at what level is currently your ability to attract the positive? How much you put into practice in everyday life? Firstly, it is advisable to reflect on this aspect, taking as a starting point very honest and thorough self-evaluation after you make. Take time to consider suitable for this initial step.

And to build a house, you must first review how the land is and what the physical and environmental conditions, to develop a skill like to attract the positive is first required to make sure what is the attitude in the present moment, is positive or not? how much? How to improve it so that it is available fertile ground of positive thoughts in which they can start lifting some pretty strong foundation ?.

In the next articles will discuss in detail about the magic of attracting the positive, but before that I aclararte the following:

This issue is not about superstition, however, has academic, scientific and experiential foundations; It’s not about “I would like that to happen”, it is “this is what I want and I get into action”; It’s not about “have or have no luck”, it is “I choose, decide and build”; It is not “a fanciful desires wand,” it is “conviction, perseverance and discipline.”

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The magic of this process is that once you understand and get familiar enough with the practical side, the positive moments begin to make their appearance on your way almost chain, one after another, and gradually and very important : you feel truly that now you’re taking charge of your life. The magic of attracting the positive refers here to an art. All art is quite likely to be learned and lived when you connect deeply with positive emotion you generate your desires. You choose the materials you will use, content, design, colors and will add your personal touch to the work.

Now, taking into account these fundamental for the development of this wonderful ability premises invite you to carry out this preliminary exercise. It’s simple and it will take about ten minutes:

Put yourself in a comfortable position, close your eyes and relax. Slow deep breathing several times (approximately 7). The moment you feel your thoughts clearer mind and body more relaxed than any possible physical interference, begins to imagine that you are facing a cascade of very pure and crystalline waters. You sit on the bank and notice how your face is reflected clearly in these waters. Observe how everything is Devuelvo give you, if Gathers brow, the waters will show a face graceful little angry, if you smile, the waters will show a face that exudes peace and joy. Thus, those clear and crystalline waters become from now in your own mirror. Definitely you become aware that your whole being feels better when you smile, when you look and when you passionately embrace with love. Stay there a while recreating the imagination, feeling all the positive things in detail you go experimenting. Once you really you contact some positive emotion, such as love, gratitude, peace, trust, faith, joy, etc., then choose a part of your body (eg, an ear, a hand, a cheek, a finger or another), now it is part of your body and thus stay for about 1 minute and then release. Go back to your original state gradually. Breathe slowly and deeply again several times until you’re ready / a to open your eyes and return to your activities.

From now on, every time you connect with a positive emotion like joy, again touching exactly the same body part that you did during the previous meditation, so you are creating an “anchor” to evoke a pleasant emotion associating a positive stimulus with a signal (in this case, the signal would touch a body part). With enough practice, this anchor is becoming increasingly effective time, achieving for example, that when you feel depressed about something, just touch on that part, activate the positive emotion, either higher or lower intensity, but which ultimately will help you maintain a better balance your emotions.

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They can create other types of anchors, and even do it often without realizing it. For example, if every time we’re in our happy encounter with our loved one just sounds the same song, the song will become the anchor (in the stimulus will evoke positive emotion). Then, at the following times just hearing that song even without being with our loved one, the same emotions of being and satisfaction will occur. If we are discouraged by something and that song sounds will make us relive positive feelings because the song was anchored to a situation or a positive memory. But the same is true in reverse: if often sounds just certain song when you’re arguing with someone in the time following, no need to argue again but only to hear that song will be revived in you the same negative feelings.

This is how it works. The conditions that have spent years and years operating in our subconscious mind, we bring them out in dialogue with ourselves to understand better what we could be affecting at certain times and to choose perhaps reinterpret negative conditioning in order to reduce the harmful effect of these in our own lives. In the meantime, please welcome all comforting and pleasurable stimuli because it is known that there spring many of the inputs we need to continue our ongoing task to be happy!

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