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Disclosure of the Muladhara Chakra. Video of Kundalini Yoga

Disclosure of the Muladhara Chakra. Video of Kundalini Yoga 3

Word mule
in Sanskrit means “root” or “base” and the word adhara – “foundation” or “support”. Thus, the word Muladhara means “basic foundation”. MULADHAR chakra created from earth element and symbolizes the origin of life. This chakra is the base of the subtle system and is located below the seat of the Kundalini . Muladhara chakra, also called the root chakra, located in the crotch area. Its petals are directed downward and are between his legs, and its stem is directed upward to the central thread – Sushumna. A healthy and natural state, it should be slightly open.

Muladhara chakra is the struggle for survival and self-preservation.
It is the source of all instincts that are there to protect us and protect our physical and mental health, as well as to meet our basic needs. In the first place – “instinctive” desire and need to protect themselves from danger. Moreover, it will activate this chakra sexual instincts (unlike awareness sexuality, which is one of the functions of the second chakra). The sexual instinct is laid in this chakra because of the need for self-preservation and procreation by creating additional “escapes” from the main trunk.

Video program “Energy chakras”

8 changes that will happen to you when you study the program “Energy of the Chakras”

  1. Stop fighting, releasing their old energy

    Sometimes your “old” energy may be the cause of your pain and difficulties of life.
    Once you get rid of it, your river of life will flow easily and naturally.
  2. Begin to radiate a new energy vibration of joy and abundance

    in your energy waves radiate particular vibration pattern that determine the success of your career, the amount of money received and how you feel about your body.
    You can change these vibrations to achieve the unlimited abundance and pleasure.
  3. Revive yourself in a confident and charming child

    , you can hear, help and heal your inner child.
    And once you do that, you come back a huge amount of lost energy and begin to exude confidence and charm in everything you do. Due to this you will also have an impact on their sexual well-being.
  4. Get rid of stress in your life

    , you will learn how to establish communication with your heart chakra, as a stay in a comfortable relationship, learn optionally enter a state of ease and tranquility.
    Without the stress you will be more productive and you will uncover inherent in creativity.
  5. Translated by your body to a new level of vitality

    , you will learn that your body anatomy and chakra energy system are a reflection of each other.
    Therefore, when you work on strengthening your chakras, you are at the same time save yourself from health problems.
  6. Learn better communication and fulfillment of their desires

    ability to combine energy flows throat and root chakras will reduce the gap between your words and actions.
    You will become a better communicate and articulate their desires, which ultimately lead to their realization.
  7. Open source of great wisdom through your intuition

    Intuition operates at a higher frequency.
    So if your chakras resonate at a different frequency, then your natural gift of intuition can be blocked. However, once you reach a balance, you will have nothing more to fear – your intuition will always be available to you.
  8. Achieve a new level of consciousness

    With the release of each new level of consciousness opens a new perspective on all aspects of life.
    The following levels are waiting for those who strengthen their crown chakra, and liaise with the higher powers. This changes everything!
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