5 Essential Meditations That Will Change Your Life

Chalk Deborah used to take time to meditate, but what he really needed was focus. simply he meditated because he had heard it was a good idea, but do it for a real purpose. Really I did not think she had the power to change your life with it.

It was not until he began to meditate and develop a true concentrated practice, things began to change in a profound way. Here I present 5 meditations that can literally change everything in your life for the better:

1. Meditation forgiveness.

Get a calm state of being in bed or on a couch. Then you start to see your breath when you catch air and when you breathe out. So there, think of someone or something in your life that you need to forgive. Then look him in the eyes, visualize you look. And say: “You forgive” , then you say: “I’m free now.”

This cycle continues until you’re ready to leave your meditative state. As you develop this meditation, you will notice new people who forgive and eventually you’ll get to forgive yourself (the most liberating action of all)

Remember to forgive we do it for ourselves, not because the person deserves it or not, because when we forgive ourselves liberated from the anguish of resentment, we are a prisoner when we do not forgive, and do to recover our health, and overall, our whole life and freedom.

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2. Meditation of gratitude.

5 Essential Meditations to Change Your LifeAgain, get calm in a comfortable space as a sofa for example. Concentrate on your breathing. Do not worry if pessimistic or unwanted thoughts come to you, accept them all and not the Etiquetes as good or bad, they are alone, alone and go faster if you let them be. Is an impartial observer of your thoughts.

Now imagine that you go through your day, perhaps yesterday, or today if it is night. Imagining the day, pick up things in your mind why you are grateful. You can imagine collecting them in a basket or a treasure chest.

Look at the things you are grateful and focus on them, note the feeling that you believe in this thought. No matter if you’ve picked things seem small, no matter if there are too few or too many to count. Thanks.

3. Meditation self-esteem.

Once you’re sitting or lying down, and your breathing is calm, breathe once deeply and head yourself saying, “I am worthy” when you release air say: “I am what I am, and perfect as I am” . Repeat this throughout your meditation practice, until you feel more confident and refreshed.

4. Abundance meditation.

This meditation is not about the abundance of money (since money is just printed papers and does not give happiness) but is about cultivating abundance in all aspects of your life.

Relax and start noticing your breath as the air enters and leaves you. By inspiring tell yourself: “I breathe abundance”, and by expelling air di: “There is always more than enough”. Once you start to notice that you already have everything you need, it is when you can open yourself to receive the gifts of abundance God (the universe) has to offer.

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5. Meditation love and kindness.

This is a classic meditation that serves to give more love and light to the world.

Sitting or lying comfortably, take a few deep breaths and focus on them, you feel as you relax every time you breathe out. Now tell yourself: “I can be happy, I can go well, I can be loved.” Then, take air and while you absorb, feel bloated feelings in a gentle loving kindness. Imagine someone have a fight or argument today, you think these with this person and say, “You can be happy, you can do well, you can be loved.” Imagine rays of goodness and love flowing into the conflict and beyond.

5 meditations here, you tómatelas as a real practice.

A hug,

Elias Berntsson

(Source: Deborah Chalk – www.mindbodygreen.com)

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