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What are the benefits of hot yoga?

What are the benefits of hot yoga? 11

Reasons to do hot yoga

Those who claim that yoga is a sport for the lazy, no doubt, have never tried to attend a class of hot yoga. Meanwhile, doing hot-yoga can not only improve your flexibility, but also rid the body of toxins, it is beneficial to affect the nervous system, and most importantly – will allow you to easily lose a few pounds.

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What are the benefits of hot yoga? 12


Hot yoga, which is also called hot-yoga or bikram, by the name of its founder, appeared in the States almost 50 years ago and has recently been rapidly gaining popularity around the world. The number of fans of hot yoga is growing, and their list is regularly replenished with well-known names. Today preference for bikram is given by David Beckham, Lady Gaga, Ashton Kutcher, Robbie Williams, Madonna, George Clooney, Jennifer Aniston and others.

What are the benefits of hot yoga? 13

The creator of hot yoga, Indian Bikram Chowdhury, was born in Calcutta in 1946 and started yoga from the age of four. At the age of 13, he won the National Yoga Championship in India, and at age 27 he moved to New York, where he began to teach those who wish to develop his yoga system . The main highlight of the course created by Bikram was that it should take place in a room in which the temperature is maintained at 38 – 40 degrees. And this means that you can not fall asleep from lack of activity in this class.

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The heat creates the feeling that you are practicing yoga on a hot noon in the tropics. In addition, thanks to the guidance of the coach, all 90 minutes of the session are more than vigorous: during this time the group manages to perform 26 asanas and 2 breathing exercises, repeating each exercise twice and only occasionally making short pauses to swallow the water . Among other things, hot yoga is also pleasant because there are no groups and levels in it – everyone does the same thing, and all the exercises are within the power of everyone. So it’s not necessary to look at how others tie themselves up at a time when you are trying to touch with the hands of sex painfully.

What are the benefits of hot yoga? 14

In the lesson you will only need 2 things – water and a towel. Water is an obligatory attribute of the class, which the leaders have repeatedly warned about. And it is not in vain – without additional fluid to withstand a high tempo it would be very hard. Another need – towels: one –  to put on the rug, the other – for the shower. As high humidity leads to increased sweating, even the most persistent and hardened athletes, and the towel and shower will be very handy.

There are practically no contraindications for hot yoga classes. Classes are not recommended for visiting pregnant women, and it makes sense for hypotensive patients to attend a test lesson in order to understand how the body will react to extreme conditions.

It is important for beginners to remember that the most difficult part in the first lesson is to stay indoors all over the class. At the same time, no one will ask you to do all the asanas without fail. If the load is excessive, you can always take a break, drink water, pause and just sit on the rug, continuing the exercise as much as possible. The main thing is to try to come to the second lesson as soon as possible in order to get into the taste and let the body get used to high temperature and tempo. And as a reward for these efforts you can enjoy a whole complex of pleasant bonuses from a perfect feat.

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What are the benefits of hot yoga? 15

Firstly , increased humidity and increased sweating actively remove toxins from the body, cleaning your body. As a rule, even after one session of hot yoga you can feel the unusual ease.

The second bonus for the followers of hot yoga is a pleasant pacification after classes.

The second bonus for the followers of hot yoga is a pleasant pacification after classes. It is caused by the fact that breathing exercises have a positive effect on the nervous system, allowing it to relax. A high load also works for this effect. Therefore after the termination of employment you will feel absolutely relaxed and happy.

The third advantage is undeniable for those who would like to develop additional flexibility and work on stretching. The secret is this: thanks to the high temperature, the body warms up more quickly, and the muscles begin to stretch better. As a result, even if it seemed impossible for you to touch the toes with your hands, during the first lesson, submission of your own body will pleasantly surprise you.

What are the benefits of hot yoga? 16

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