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How do I practice simplified Kundalini Yoga?

How do I practice simplified Kundalini Yoga? 5
Kundalini Yoga is above all a contact with oneself, an elevation of self-awareness. It allows you to know yourself better, more intuitively than intellectually, and serves you directly to better manage you at all levels (physical, mental, emotional …).
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How do I practice simplified Kundalini Yoga? 6


Kundalini Yoga uses breathing, rhythm, dynamic or static postures, sound, relaxation, singing and meditation in order to awaken the inner energy that lies deep within ourselves.

Kundalini is an energy and it is the essential vital potential of man. Once awake, it allows us to develop all our latent abilities.

Kundalini Yoga is called “the royal way” because its power has almost immediate effects. At the first session you can feel the energy mobilize through the body.

Kundalini Yoga works on all aspects of the body:

– has health , to effectively correct malfunctions different devices: digestive, nervous, glandular, lymphatic;
– Vitality ,thanks to muscular work and that on physical and mental flexibility;
– Emotional balance ,through the learning of techniques that aim to make us masters of our mind, and therefore our decisions in a state of calm and serenity;

How do I practice simplified Kundalini Yoga? 7

It helps us to free ourselves from our mental and physical automatisms, from our reductive visions, from our intolerant or sectarian attitudes and directs us towards a more positive universe in openness and reconciliation.

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This teaching is a discipline because it will bear fruit if it is put into practice on a regular basis.
It is accessible to all, regardless of your age or disability.
Kundalini yoga, according to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, is a global system. It connects the body with the spirit as well as with their different energy networks.

Kundalini yoga develops the breath:

The man has several elements to eat: solid foods, liquid drinks and air. The lungs have enormous capabilities, but most people use just 10%. So you have to learn to breathe in order to use your full abilities. Also, a powerful and deep work on these organs can release, release the trapped emotions. The breath once free, the emotions are calmed and come closer to calm; the energies circulate and allow the muscles of the body to relax.

Kundalini Yoga mobilizes the body powerfully:

Often intense, physical exercises lead practitioners to surpass themselves and thus make them aware of the possibilities of the human body but in a natural and not dependent way.
The mind influences the physical; so when one feels depressed one will tend to collapse, to curl up on oneself. This process works in the opposite direction too and one can, through postures, gradually influence the mind and introduce positive thoughts, which will have as much personal impact as relational. The physical body finding flexibility and mobility allows the energy to act on all systems: digestive, circulatory, immune, glandular …

Kundalini Yoga brings meditation in your life:

What is called meditation is the observation of thought without the intervention of judgment. It’s a moment in the face of oneself, listening to one’s body and one’s mind. To observe without judging is to become aware; and it is thanks to the awareness that one can break one’s physical and mental automatisms.
Sometimes the meditations are sung and amplify the work of the breath.
Kundalini Yoga allows us to better manage our emotions and become master of the course of our lives. Communicating better with ourselves, we are led to improve our relations with the external reality and the society that surrounds us. When we are calm and at peace we no longer need to find outside what is inside us.

Kundalini Yoga allows relaxation:

Emotions often crystallize at the muscular level and create tension and tension, which themselves create mental blockages: it is a vicious circle. Relaxation after intense physical exercise allows you to let go. The muscles relax, the tension subsides and allows the energy to circulate throughout the body: the mind is finally at peace.

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